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Back from the honeymoon today!

Source: Pinterest, via Pinterest (seriously)
Just FYI...
We get back from our honeymoon today!!  As I write this, before we leave, I am so excited for the trip, so I hope I come home with lots of great pictures and memories.

Thank you all for your suggestions during my packing dilemmas and confusion!  I'm sure everything will be great!

Oh, right, uh, present tense...

Anyway, if today is Monday the 5th, we get back from our honeymoon so I'll see you tomorrow with new posts and pics and ideas!  Hope you had a good Labor Day weekend!


  1. Welcome back! I hope you had a lovely, romantic time :)

  2. This is a cool photo

  3. I love that picture. Welcome back.

  4. Lovely picture, hope you had a wonderful time xx

  5. Thanks! Getting back to real life...

    It is a cool photo, wish I had thought to replicate it with our hands and rings while we were in Hawaii. Oops!!!

  6. yaaaaaay!!! hope you had a great time! xo

  7. Great post. i Hope you check out my blog.

  8. that's sucha cute photo!!! love the idea!



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