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Honeymoons ROCK!

We're back from the honeymoon, and slowly transitioning back to real life.  It was SO great to relax in a totally new place, spend more consecutive time with my husband than I ever have before (in 7+ years of dating), swim in the warm ocean with fish and turtles, eat lots of fresh fruit, put away my phone!!!, and walk around comfortably in a bikini because everyone else is doing it, too.
Looking out at the ocean from the room
Checking out the water in Waikiki
Overlooking Hanauma Bay

Catamaran ride!
Sunset snorkeling at Hanauma Bay! Saw all kinds of stuff--snorkeling is amazing.
I didn't check my email or Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest or my fave blogs or anything the whole time we were there.  The world kept spinning without me, of course.  I caught up a little by checking gossip magazines at the airport, and then checking my email today.  And, as usual, absolutely any time I open Twitter I can't help but check out several wedding and decor and style blogs and end up spending way more time than I thought I would.  Love it.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed all the fun guest posts of last week, and thanks for your support and help packing for Hawaii!  I brought just the right amount of stuff--I didn't wear 1/3 of it, but I didn't feel stuck or have to wear too many things twice!  And the weather was perfect, so it was great to flop around in shorts and tanks!

Now I just have to go through all the pictures... and since we just got the wedding pictures back from our fabulous photographer, we have to go through those, too, and order a photo album and a bunch of prints!  So, basically, still recovering from the wedding!

Hope you had a good labor day weekend and didn't spend the better part of the holiday at the airport or on a plane.  Note to self: next time, schedule long vacations to end on Friday or Saturday so I have a day to rest and unpack before going back to work!

Post script--as husband and I frolicked around on our honeymoon, apparently lots of stars were in or just getting back from Hawaii as well.  Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston did cool water sports that we weren't brave enough to attempt!

And Kim Kardashian and what's-his-name took what totally doesn't count as a honeymoon, apparently, so is called a "mini-moon"--they only got five nights on the Amalfi Coast.

In more relevant news, other exciting things that happened while I was away from computers...
What else did I miss this past week?


  1. Glad you had a great time - I love that black and white striped dress!

  2. Anonymous9/07/2011

    I'm with Katie, I LOVE that dress and you look amazing in it. I also love the white bikini. It's perfect on you. I'm so glad your honeymoon rocked. A lot of people come back from theirs with horror stories.

  3. SO glad to hear that Hawaii was everything you hoped it would be! I would really like to go there for my honeymoon. And your clothes are too cute!!

  4. Aw, thanks, I tried to look cute! =)

    How could a honeymoon in Hawaii not be awesome? I guess it's possible, how sad...

  5. that looks like a wonderful honeymoon! congrats again!!!

  6. That looks like a lot of fun, and hooray for weather actually cooperating!

  7. I like this blog. please check out mine.


  8. Lovee the stripes! <3




  9. sounds like you had a fab time in hawaii I would so love to go there, and that white bikini looks lovely on you I can never seem to pull off a white one :(


  10. I love all your pics - but the one of you in the black and white striped outfit is GORGEOUS!!!! :)



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