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Guest post: Bri from Shoes Are My Muse

We're on our honeymoon!
I'm so excited to have some lovely guest bloggers this week while husband and I honeymoon in Hawaii.  I'll be back after Labor Day!

Today, let's welcome... Bri from Shoes Are My Muse!

Hi this is Bri from Shoes Are My Muse. I live in Calgary, Alberta and recently graduated with a diploma in Fashion Apparel Technology and got a fabulous job sewing costumes. Today I'm very excited to guest post for the lovely Suzannah while she is away on her honeymoon!

I wanted to share a challenge I've started called the Fall Wardrobe Challenge. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say every fall I lust over the new fashions, and think about how fun it would be to make my own fall wardrobe. This fall I'm finally making it happen! I started by deciding on a timeline and what pieces I would like to make (I operate much better when I have a deadline) and also deciding that this would be to build upon my existing wardrobe not just eight pieces to mix and match on their own. I started last week and my deadline is October 10th, Canadian Thanks Giving Monday, this gives me eight weeks with two long weekends to make eight pieces!

 I did up a quick sketch with each piece I'm going to make and also added the fabric swatches, these help motivate me and keep me on track. All of the fabric I'm using is from my stash....

My list of pieces:

Issey Miyake V1052: Jacket
Lace with Sequins Skirt - Pattern to be drafted
Dress: Pattern to be drafted
Jacket: McCalls M5480
Blouse V8696
Red Skinny Pants: Will be altering a pants pattern I had previously drafted
Knit Dress: Altering knit top pattern
Knit Top: Knit top pattern I had previously drafted

This is my knit top pattern with my skirt sloper which I used together for my knit dress.

My knit dress! I changed up the hem and made it asymmetrical to funk it up a bit and I love how it turned out (My cat Twiggy sneaking into the photo). If there's one thing I've learned so far from this challenge, its just how many other projects there are I want to make!

Thank you for reading, and thank you Suzannah for having me on your lovely blog.

Don't forget to stop by Shoes Are My Muse, I love making new friends!

Thanks so much, Bri!  It is always so fun to see how other people design/come up with their sewing projects.  And when we make our own, we can do so much more with fashion trends!

See you next week, readers...


  1. I love your Fall Challenge SO much. I'm still trying trying to figure out what I'm doing for my sewing projects this Fall. So far I made a pair of Maroon trousers...and I'm almost finished a slouchy(ish) pair of silky rose trousers. I can't wait to show them off! The only problem this year is that I keep wanting to make bottoms, so it's a bit impossible to make a "collection" with no tops!!
    Great guest post Bri!!

    Natasha ~ Required2BeInspired

  2. Very cool dress. Love it!

  3. Your photos are great, and your style is amazing,
    following each other?

  4. That is fabulous outfit. cant expect much better than that.



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