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Pinterest is amazing.

Evidently I'm a little behind the times, since I am just now realizing how amazing Pinterest is!!

I collect and organize photos all the time, in My Documents on my computer, but I wish I had been using Pinterest all along... save space on your computer and eliminate the risk of losing it all if it crashes, AND get tons more inspiration everywhere you turn!

I still don't actually have a Pinterest account... but I love looking through all the pinboards at other people's collections.  It's great how, if I like one or two things, I'll probably have similar taste to that person and like most of their photos!

I could spend hours checking out inspiration images... here's just a teeny tiny sample!
From kendieveryday.blogspot.com
From Tick Tock Vintage
From J.Crew

From Polyvore
From design*sponge
From Addicted2Decorating

From ohjoy.blogs.com
I could go on and on...

It's also really fun when you run across a familiar image!  I see plenty on there that I've already saved and loved from blogs I've seen.  Love it.  And it's a great way to get introduced to new blogs!  Only issue is, you've got to make sure you get the original source--citing "Source: Pinterest" doesn't count.

Anyway, I could have way too much fun on there.  What about you?  Do you use Pinterest?  What for/how?


  1. oh man, i just discovered pintrest and LOVE it! it serves as great inspiration for decorating and craft projects!

    also, you should check out stumbleupon, another great website!

  2. Pinterest is great, isn't it? I use it to keep track of all the great ideas, images, outfits, etc. that I come across. It's a great way to keep it all organized visually!

    p.s. speaking of inspiration, you inspired my latest blog post...and current mission. :-)

  3. I found your blog through Pinterest! I saw a picture of your long paper bag waist skirt and clicked on it! (I just started the skirt yesterday!)


  4. lol, I found pinterest a couple weeks ago on stumbleupon! I'm still waiting to be invited though :( ...until then, I will have to keep saving pictures on my computer!

  5. I am a member! Leave a comment on my blog and I can send you an invite if you're interested ;)

    I love it. It's so awesome for finding new things and styles. Plus inspiration.

    - Jessica

  6. Yes I do! I love it and wish it had existed all along. I used to print off pictures/patterns that I fancied trying, but then would lose it and forget the site it was from - now it's just so easy to pin something you come across and save it for later! Absolutely love it!

  7. i have invites to spare if you want!

  8. Anonymous6/29/2011

    oh i adore Pinterest! i love it not only because i can catalog all of my images but because the images link back to their source! this is wonderful for keeping track of diy projects and tutorials. it's an amazing resource ♥

  9. It's like crack isn't it? Awesome sparkly crack!

  10. I love pinterest!!!! I'm on there everyday seeing things and saving them and then doing them over the weekend. And I've seen a lot of posts from familiar blogs that I love too. Such an inspirational place for things, love it!!!

  11. I love pinterest! I have been doing the same thing that you mentioned, I would always save pictures to my computer but I would always forget where I got them from! I love that pinterest allows you to see all of your loves/inspirations/ideas all at once on the screen.


  12. Ah! Me too! I'm so behind, but I just started. I have yet to add anything inspirational, but it's my creatively blank slate right now.

  13. You are all over pinterest!

  14. I've been on there for a little while - I actually used Pinterest to create a mood board for the bedroom remodel my sister and I are doing for our Mom - she got a scrapbook filled with magazine clippings, fabric samples and paint chips, and the last page was the QC code for the mood board!

    I'm thinking one of these days I should go through my starred items on Google Reader and put the DIYs and pictures up on Pinterest so it's easier to find it all later. I've already started pinning items that I link to on Twitter!

    Wow I'm a nerd.
    *hides on the internet and cuddles in it like a big blanket*

  15. Loooovvvvveee it! I use it just like bookmarks, to save ideas, some of my boards are more practical and some are more whimsical :) It's like my happy space on the internet.

  16. Anonymous6/29/2011

    I've seen references to it before but never checked it out. I did just now, though, and just requested an invite. I'm so visual, I like this so much better than just bookmarking things

  17. I LOVE that first dress! Do you have the link to where you found it (I tried that blog but it didn't come up)? Thanks!! :-)

  18. I have used Pinterest some months now and LOVE it! I also use it as a virtual design board to collect ideas for new projects.

  19. I love Pinterest!

  20. Anonymous6/29/2011

    Pinterest is so amazing. And inspirational. And motivational. And I could go on.

    For a lot of people (myself included), internet life is not based around one computer anymore. What's great about services like Pinterest is that no matter if you're at your desktop, laptop, or work computer you can still access what inspires you.

    You'll have to let everyone know when you actually get an account!

  21. I love pinterest! I use it to save ideas and pictures that I want to remember for the future instead of saving one email with a list of webpages. It's very visually stimulating!

  22. I've been dying to get a pintrest account! I love it. Still, no invitation has has arrived yet. I love to browse the photos too.

  23. yes, yes it is!!

  24. Wow, you all are right--you've inspired me to join, rather than just watching from the sidelines!! One of you sent me an invite... thanks!

    @Sara, that first dress is from http://kendieveryday.blogspot.com/. Great outfits there!

  25. I love the first one. I don't sew with patterns, but I love to make simple bias cut skirts for my daughter and I. I think they always look great. I basically just use a half or 3/4 circle. For my daughter's little waist I sew on a wide Scunci hairband. I just posted pics of the apron I made for my blog giveaway. I hope you'll stop by! http://nonrecipe.blogspot.com/2011/07/apron-giveaway.html

  26. I've been there for a few months now and I am totally hooked. I love looking at all kinds of pictures for inspiration and I usually log in before bed to release the daily stress by looking at all the prettiness the world has to offer.

  27. I love it too... too much inspiration though :o)



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