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Burlap and lace table decor: Tutorial!

I've been doing so much fun stuff for my wedding recently, but I've also been helping one of my best friends with her wedding!  She's getting married three weeks before me, and our weddings will both be very cute with lots of DIYs, although both very different.

We already made some great boutonierres for her wedding--check out the tutorial on Green Wedding Shoes!

The wedding will be in a 100-ish year old barn at a favorite local restaurant campus (McMenamin's Cornelius Pass Roadhouse, for you locals...).  Shauna's colors are red and orange, with little wooden birdhouses on the tables and burlap and wood accents.

One of the DIYs she wanted to do was a wrapped jar with burlap and coarsely crocheted lace.  So perfect for the kind of rustic, but still pretty, venue and other themes of the wedding!
Each of the 80 or so guests will have a jar at his/her place, with a few flowers in it (not as many as the Dollar Tree bouquet above!), and the little card with wildflower seeds tucked into the ribbon (she ordered them from here, FYI).

Ready for a tutorial??

  • The basic part is wrapping the burlap and lace around the jars.  (Great source for burlap and burlap rolls here).  So, get your jars ready (we used medium-sized canning jars) and cut strips the width you want them, long enough to go around the jar with a 1" overlap at the back.  (You could also make some super cute ones of these with vintage-ey quilting fabric, or any fabric or ribbon!)
  • Place your jar on top of your burlap and put a line of hot glue down the jar vertically.  Quick!  Before it cools!
  • Glue down one side of the burlap.
  • Put a line of glue on top of the other one, through the burlap.
  • Pull the burlap as tight as you can and overlap it with itself.  Press!
  • You may need to add a little glue to keep the edges down.
  • Now do the same exact thing with the lace.  You'll need a piece 1" longer than your jar is around.  We needed more than 30 yards of lace and JoAnn only had one spool of the beautiful wide one Shauna loved, so we bought it and the narrower crocheted one you see here.
  • Here's where it really helps to add some glue on the end.  You don't want your lace peeling back.
  • Time to add ribbon bows!
  • Depending on the width and thickness of your ribbon, you may want a longer or shorter piece.  Make a test ribbon if you like and cut it to the length you want.
  • Ours ended up being about 25".  I recommend cutting your ribbons at a sharp angle to keep them from fraying and make them prettier!

We couldn't decide if the seed card was cuter all the way inside, or tucked in at an angle.  See the two kinds of lace?  Half have the narrow, half have the wide.

These were super easy and pretty fun to make, but I gotta say... not so fun after 80 of them!  And they weren't too cheap when you add up all the yardage we needed of the ribbon, lace, and burlap.  But it would be super cheap, fun and easy to make, say, one per table!

But now they are done and look so cute in a line. They will go well on the tables with big centerpieces in the center.

(If you did any DIYs for your wedding, or the wedding of a friend or loved one, I'd love for you to share them in the Adventures in Dressmaking DIY Weddings Flickr group!!)


  1. I'm seriously in love with everything you've made for your wedding!

  2. I love this idea. I'm a jar hoarder and have more jars than I know what to do with! Love how simple and rustic they are. Great tutorial.

  3. Thanks! @Jennifer, now my friend will have like 50 jars after the wedding since not everyone will take them... what should she do with them all?

  4. Anonymous6/28/2011

    Jennifer I need some jars for a project!! :) these are great! I can't wait to see the whole wedding put together. I LOVE the boutonierres!

  5. I love it! Did you make your seed cards or buy them? If bought, where did you get them? Very cute, would love to see the wedding photos!!

  6. Where did you get your seed cards, or did you make them?
    Great ideas!!

    1. Thanks! My friend bought the seed cards from somewhere online where they print them--just looked through my emails, looks like they were from here: http://www.botanicalpaperworks.com.

  7. Just found you via pinterest. Love the glass jars I have a number of candles in glass jars and have been looking for inspiration to decorate. Thank you for the inspiration.

  8. I have finally got around to making my candle wraps following your inspiration. Here is a link to my blog giving you credit for the inspiration. http://margaretlcrawford.blogspot.com Thank you



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