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Another DIY cover for this footstool

I did a lot of home improvement projects this weekend... yay!  It was so great to have two days without firm plans or going out of town.  I made major progress on painting the bathroom, which already looks so much better!, and will have to show you pics soon... trust me, it is a great transformation.  But I also did some curtain-hanging and recovered a footstool for our office.

About the office--used for my fiance's books, flatscreen, and study area, it was full and had comfy three chairs but no couch to sit on.  So, to accommodate more seating and overnight guests, we recently bought this sofa bed/futon thing on Craigslist... It's $180 new at Target, I paid $50 for a 4-month-old one!
More pics of the need it filled when I do a big before/after post once we get the house done...

Anyway once we had comfy seating for movie-watching, we needed a footrest!  The one we had in there was cute, but didn't go with the manly black furniture.  The walls were already painted sage green when we moved in, so it has that man cave vibe.

Anyway I had this footstool, which I recovered more than a year ago, but wasn't too attached to.
And I had some sturdy black canvas, you know the kind you can buy in all the basic colors at JoAnn's near home dec and the outdoor canvases?  It's just cotton, but nice and basic.  60" wide and only $9.99 a yard, then I used a coupon.  So I took off the floral print and covered the footstool in the black!
Next project: pillows for the black futon.  I'm thinking a nice solid grey... rather than try to match the blacks perfectly.  The office is not done yet!

Boy, I love staple gun projects, though.  So easy and fast, and what a big difference!


  1. Gotta love craigslist! That looks like a really nice find.

  2. My husband and I have the same futon, and we love it! It is lacking a footstool though; I am now inspired to try and thrift and redo one.



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