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"You know how to sew, right? Can you do me a favor??"

Here's something Jessi from Sweetie Pie Bakery has to share this week... an awesome project the likes of which many of us seamstresses may be approached with from time to time!  Do you ever get this kind of request?

The funny thing about knowing how to use a sewing machine is that people often assume you can do just about anything. I often get strange requests from friends and family members and try my best to follow through. Last month I got the most unexpected request from my sister.
She had asked me if I could help make her costume for her high school musical, Beauty and the Beast. So please, be my guest (ha) and check out Babette's costume today at Sweetie Pie Bakery.

Wow, what a project!  What a cute feather duster--and very similar to the Disney film depiction, actually!  I like it better on a human =).  But probably a more complicated project than the basic cute, contemporary dresses we usually make!  Have you ever been approached to do something you have no idea about??

Thanks for the inpsiration, Jessi!  Readers, see more Adventures with Sweetie Pie Bakery here.


  1. I have a cousin and a friend who are artists / commercial photographers, and they have asked me to make costumes pieces in the past in exchange for taking photos for me. Last time they requested a swastika armband for a Nazi uniform; I spent the afternoon doing errands with the armband bundled up in my pocket, terrified it would fall out and be seen by someone!! I was sweating until I got that thing off my hands!

  2. I get random requests a lot. A friend's son has an NG tube, so she asked me to sew up some 'button buddies' - basically nursing pads to go around his port.

  3. My friend's friend asked if I would take in the sides of her trenchcoat. I have not said yes or no yet because the idea terrifies me but I like money...decisions, decisions!

  4. The only requests I'm getting right now is from my three year old son, who now understands the concept that I can sew. Which means to him that I can sew anything his hearts desire in a day. His list so far is : Spiderman mask, Transformers costume, Army man costume. They are not so random but very boy centric.

  5. A friend asked if I could make the costume from "It" for her boyfriend. I had no idea how, and the very simple items I've sewn so far have turned out wonky. I had to let her know that.

  6. LOL - I thought this was going to be the grump about people asking you to sew stuff that is super simple and way below what they usually do. That's what my sewing friends here complain about.
    My only problem is that people ask me to sew really boring things out of horrible fabric. I have a very hard time saying no to friends who want me to hem polyester wedding dresses and re-sew in zips in nylon skirts and things. I don't do synthetics :-(



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