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A whole new sweater! Easy mending

A friend gave me this awesome Kenneth Cole sweater, a cool emerald color, that was missing one button.
What to do when you don't have any spare buttons hidden in the seams?

I didn't like the blueish green flat shank buttons that much, anyway, so I dug around and found some brown woven leather buttons--the classic style.
I put four down the center front and chose not to add them to the pockets, like the original had in smaller scale.  I suppose I could buy smaller ones for the pockets, but I don't really think it needs them...
Hoorah!  A new sweater!


  1. Love it!
    Reminds me of something I'd find in a boy's closet with the brown buttons, only sexy and feminine at the same time.
    What an easy remake!

  2. very cute- I really love the sleeves!

  3. So cute! I recently purchased a bargain pea coat, but the buttons were cheap plastic u.g.l.y. I needed 1.5" buttons, so it was very expensive to replace them all, (it cost more for the buttons than the jacket). It's amazing what replacing buttons will do for a garment.

    Watch out for leather buttons - they bleed when they get wet!

  4. I like the brown much better. I love simple changes like that on thrifted or given clothing. Great color, by the way.

  5. Annapolitan3/23/2011

    I don't know why manufacturers ruin perfectly nice garments with cheap buttons. I like your choice of replacements.

  6. Such a simple change makes a huge difference!

  7. I like your remake! You definitely made that sweater have a more modern classy feel. It looks great on you too!

  8. I definitely like the new look that the classic woven buttons make. It also looks good with your hair!

  9. OMG, this is so beautiful! I love the color contrast.

  10. It looks awesome on you! Perfect sweater.

  11. Very nice, I love your choice! And a love a good wardrobe remake!



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