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My sweater refashion tutorial on Grosgrain!!

Oh, I am so excited today to tell you that a sweater refashion makeover and tutorial that I did is posted for your enjoyment on Grosgrain!  The lovely and talented Kathleen has been doing a sweater makeover almost every day, and they are all super creative and cute.  Mine is day 23 of the month-long experiment, and I've done a tutorial on how to turn this (awkwardly long and outdated) sweater:
Into this faux-shawl collar cardigan!

Check out the tutorial here!
And be sure to get inspired by Kathleen's other sweater posts!


  1. I have the same sweater that I got from the rummage sale and now I have an idea on what to do with it since it's a little bit loosey-goosey. LOL! Thanks for sharing!

    Adin B

  2. My blog roll keeps getting better and better. Saw you on Grosgrain. Can't wait to catch up on your previous posts.

  3. I'm so glad you posted this! This morning I tried on a beloved sweater that shrank and is now too short to wear alone...good to know I can still make it into a cardigan :)



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