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Pressed fern DIY wall art

This was a fun little project! Inspired by a c. 1986 pressed flower shadowbox frame I thrifted, I pressed a fern from our backyard and created a really pretty, unique art piece!

DIY pressed fern in vintage frame

I followed these pro instructions, though without a plant press. I didn't have a plant press, so I fashioned one using some of Jason's textbooks, some cardboard, and some paper. I put the fern piece in there and checked on it every few days.

Look at the aqua and gold thing in the background in the upper left--that's the frame and the original mat color. 

I was surprised it didn't really change color! I expected it to get brown but it hardly did, maybe a bit on the edges. 

I moved it every time I checked on it. You can see where the stem was indenting into the paper in a prior position.

I took apart the old frame/pressed flowers, un-glued the flowers, spray painted the mat with flat white spray paint, and glued the fern in with glue dots. Super easy!

I love a small, unique piece of art. Really happy with this one!

I have more detailed instructions (and you can see what the frame looked like before!) in this Instagram reel and this Instagram story highlight. Just had to put it on the blog so I can find it again in the future, and it's easier for others to find!

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