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DIY custom chair slipcover for the office!

There are SO many talented designers and DIYers participating in the One Room Challenge this season and these days that I am excited to bring one of my more unique skills to it. With a couple decades of sewing experience (including some complicated garment sewing and a few upholstery and slipcover projects) under my belt, I am proud to be tackling a beautiful custom fabric slipcover for the high quality armchair in our office.

Thanks to Fashion Fabrics Club for partnering with me on this One Room Challenge!

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If you're new to this blog from the ORC site, welcome!! I'm Suzannah, a longtime DIYer and design lover currently making over our 1937 Tudor revival style home, our second fixer-upper. My style is modern traditional and I'm always working toward high quality design.

I have a 3-year-old and 9-month-old, but my husband and I have done almost all of the work on our homes ourselves! I've blogged about all of it so you can check out my tutorials page and room reveals to see. You can also follow along with me and my projects on Instagram! I also co-host the Your Home Story podcast!

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Chair Slipcover Progress

That said, a chair slipcover is a big project and takes a lot more thought than spray painting a picture frame or something (which I also might do for this room!), and I’ve been fitting it in in 20 minutes to 1.5 hour chunks after the kids go to bed but before I have to hook up to the breast pump. I was hoping for this week's post to be it tutorial/instructions for making a slipcover using the old one as a pattern, but we’re just not there yet. This post is due today so I’m sharing its very recent status: fully cut out, partially pinned on (I ran out of pins, going to sew these seams first), and looking beautiful with the other things I’ve been working on. I recently got several more antique and vintage gold picture frames, and decided on a little side table.

I am also really excited to share with you guys the source for this incredible heavy weight linen I’m using: Fashion Fabrics Club, who I’ve been aware of since I was a little kid--taping their swatches to the black-and-white paper newsletter catalogs they used to send out, with my mom! She has run a business making historic clothing for reenactors, museums, etc. since 1991 and has been ordering from Fashion Fabrics Club since before the Internet! They are a great source for high end apparel quality fabrics, which you just can’t reliably find at the big box stores. I ordered the fabric for my bridesmaids' dresses from them 10 years ago now! You just can’t find the right quality textures and weights at your standard fabric store to look like the apparel brands you love (those stores are really more geared toward quilters, crafting, and nowadays some home dec). So I just love the variety and unique options Fashion Fabrics Club has, and they have amazing prices!

Loosely inspired by this picture, I wanted a comfortable washed linen slipcover and I wasn’t finding a heavy enough weight linen online until I looked at Fashion Fabrics Club and found this great linen for less than $20 a yard. I also got a beautiful semi-sheer off-white cotton for the curtain on the door to the garage in the office!

Because the original slipcover is in great shape and not an offensive fabric or color, I’m keeping it intact rather than cutting it apart and using it as a pattern for this slipcover. That makes things a lot harder, although still I’m sure much easier than making a slipcover from scratch. I’m saving up all the tips for a tutorial post I will share soon and link in this post!

So that’s my update for this week, rolling into next week. Next week for my ORC office update I have a DIY fireplace screen project to share with you!

Thanks to Fashion Fabrics Club for partnering with me on this One Room Challenge!

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