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New mom to baby Otto born April 2018!

Just the basics: New mom/first Mother's Day gift guide

Mother's Day really snuck up on me! I always do something for my mom, but this year is the first time I get to celebrate me, too.

For many years now I've been sad to not be a mother at this time of year (and all the time). (I'm actually tearing up a little as I write this--dang postpartum hormones.) I am so grateful for baby Otto who made me a mom and I still can hardly believe it!! Already I'm learning that motherhood is hard. Nice that there's a special day to celebrate moms more than usual.

And there are a few gift ideas out there that I've liked in the past but that have never been right for me--now I'm a mom, so I can enjoy them!

I also realized, on a new mom's first Mother's Day, she doesn't need creative and unique gifts. She may want the cliches--flowers, a massage, jewelry... this is the first time the attention has been directed at her!

But, she probably wants to keep things fresh and trendy. I know I have a few things in mind! So I put together this gift guide of simple, classic gift ideas (for today's new mom), perfect for a mom who's been excited for this holiday for a long time.

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The Basics: New mom Mother's Day gift guide

Here are my faves, at different price points, great gifts for mom's first Mother's Day!

Pair with fresh flowers and a mani/pedi gift certificate!

Shop all these recs here.

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