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DIY or hire out: small electrical

Bear with me.....
“Small electrical” may not sound very exciting, but I promise it is. Whether you're a DIYer working on a fixer upper project or you know nothing about the hardware store and just bought new construction, it is SO empowering to have the skills to make small changes in your home with light fixtures, light switches, and more.

I've been both! In our townhouse we did little changes that made the home custom for us in look and function. At our 90's fixer upper, we changed out lighting in almost every room, plus installed a range hood, split lighting to turn into two fixtures (in our master bath), and more.

In episode 20 of the Your Home Story podcast, Ashley and I talk about our experience with lots of DIY electrical updates, plus when you should consider hiring a pro instead of doing it yourself (and what to expect working with a contractor, including as pricing).

We did all of the electrical work ourselves at the Stanley 90's reno, and what a difference simple changes made!

Some resources we mentioned in the episode:
  1. How to replace a light fixture
  2. How to replace an electrical outlet
Listen here or in your podcast player.

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