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Baby Stanley is here! And the final pregnancy update

This post is a little delayed. (Man, it takes forever to get anything done with a newborn!! #duh, I guess.)  Just hours after I wrote this post (40-week pregnancy update),  my water broke and our long and crazy labor experience began.

Meet baby Otto Monroe Stanley, born April 19, 2018 at 11:42 AM. He was 8 lbs 15 oz and 21" long.

It will probably take me a while to get to writing his birth story but here is an update and some photos!!

We are both healthy and doing pretty well, except I am really feeling the lack of sleep getting to me! Otto is great, though, doing all the stuff he's supposed to I guess - and I hope the day/night confusion ends soon. I have been reading a bunch of baby sleep resources but a lot of the techniques are better once they're a month or more old, so I guess I'm just supposed to tough it out and nap a lot at first? Trying.

He is now 2 weeks old, though was only 6 days at the time of these photos. I think he looks about the same although maybe slightly less cone-headed now. ;)

He poops ALL the time but no longer screams during every moment of every single diaper change, woohoo! He is pretty good at eating most of the time and thankfully it's no longer excruciating for me.

I've been sharing more updates and videos/Stories on my Instagram, follow along there for more real-time updates!

Also thankfully, as with my pregnancy (see all updates here), I think my postpartum phase is going pretty textbook, too. I'll share more when I write my birth story but I do have some physical recovery to do, though did not need a C-section so again it's pretty standard.

Below are my pregnancy progress photos, starting at 5 weeks. The third-to-last is 39 weeks I think, then second-to-last is 41 weeks and last is 42 weeks.

I had some swelling toward the end of my pregnancy that I really felt in my hands, tingly pain, but my feet and ankles were also swollen. However I think it was all of me--first time I looked in the mirror after delivering him, I thought I/my face looked so different! I thought maybe it was a magical mom transformation but now I think it was swelling.

I've lost 24 lbs since week 38 or so and my legs, arms, and face look less puffy than before. "Getting my pre-baby body back" is not a high priority for me, but one thing I really notice is how much less arm muscle I have now than I did before. I worked out way, way less during my pregnancy due to morning sickness, then moving and not having our equipment set up, then fatigue... so I really look forward to getting back to the weight room to get a little stronger again.

We have a busy couple of weeks now with family coming into town, then Jason's finals, and potentially dealing with a new house opportunity (!!!?!) and of course, adjusting to having a third person in our family! We love him so much and he's so cute and sweet. Particularly when he sleeps for more than 3 hours at a time overnight. :P

Now you have met baby Otto!

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