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My DIY white-framed mirror

This mirror has been through a lot of transformations...
It started its life in the late 70's or early 80's with a fruitwood-colored frame, and was my uncle's and then my parents', then was store for a while, then moved in with me at my first permanent apartment.  I quickly painted its frame off white.

Then I painted it with a high-gloss black to go with this mantel display at our old apartment:

Then we moved a couple times and it sat around.  I thought about painting it gold to go in our old living room, but never did.  Now we have tannish walls and white baseboards, and I painted its frame white to go in the newest living room!

Before (well, after some things, before the latest):

And, after 3.5 coats of white paint...

I guess I have a thing about mirrors over fireplaces.  When I was a kid this mirror was over our mantel in the living room until my parents mounted a flat-screen TV there.  I guess it balances the big hole in the wall underneath it?  Do you know what I'm talking about--have you seen mirrors over fireplaces as a logical placement?

Anyway, it's amazing what you can do with a little paint and very little time!  And some masking tape to tape off the glass.  I don't actually like the mirror that much, but when you have the option to paint, you can transform even boring, super heavy, decor items...


  1. I also love mirrors over fireplaces, and yours looks great! But I especially love that awesome blue lamp on the bookshelf--so cute! It makes me want to spray paint my ugly black lamp a bright color!


  2. Aw thanks, that amazing lamp is actually ceramic glazed, vintage find from Goodwill.

    Looking at this post I really realize how hard mirrors are to photograph... haha!

  3. Anonymous3/15/2011

    Isn't the mirror in Through the Looking Glass over the fireplace? If so, you might want to make yourself an Alice dress with pinafore, get a kitten, and see what happens!



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