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Thanks, MadeByGirl!

You may remember how I love Jen's style and her blog MadeByGirl.  I have one of her LOVE Candy prints in grey and have used it several places--I sent her an image of it in our bedroom before we moved, and she posted it yesterday in a bit where readers share their MadeByGirl designs.

She has done SO many AWESOME home tours recently--check out all the super talented readers she has who have shared their homes with her recently.  So much inspiration!  Just scroll through her recent blog posts...

Here's the print I have in our old room.

See it and the others here!  You can buy her art on her website.

Thanks for the mention, Jen!


  1. i'm coming over from jen's--your bedroom (old, is it?) is set up like mine. i love coming across similar homes and seeing each person's set up. blog land feels like it's full of huuuge houses, so it's nice to see a cozy place like mine. at least that's what i'm assuming from this photo...

  2. Where do you find cheap fabric and patterns? I went out looking today, thinking I would find some 2$ - a yard fabric, any type, and found nothing under 4$a yard! We went to Joann's. Do you have any cute dress patterns you would recommend for a pretty new sewwer who wears a REALLY small size? I love everything you sew!

  3. Alyssa, I would sign up for the joanns emails every week, theres usually a coupon for a single cut of fabric. which helps out alot when you're on a budget.

    Anyways, Suzannah I love your page! Ive been reading for a long time and you give me so much inspiration. Thanks alot :)

    Come and visit me at
    I write about hair, crafts, and style while including tutorials on refashioning clothes.

  4. Thanks, you guys, readers new and old!

    @Alyssa, I am a picky shopper... I often buy fabric from the red tag clearance at JoAnn's, usually $3-5 a yard on clearance, WHEN it's a weekend sale or big sale "50% off the clearance price"--so you pay $1.50-4/yard. I buy the basics at JoAnn when they're 40-50% off the regular price in the front of the store, or use a coupon on a full price item. Watch for when Simplicity, Butterick, or McCall's are $0.99 each and stock up! And if you get lucky you can get good fabric at Goodwill sometimes! Often like $1.99 for a 2-yard piece or something.

    I will work on a post with answers to your question about small size easy patterns!

  5. Thank you guys! I just love it when people actually get back to you! It shows how kind you are! :D THanks again!



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