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Transitioning to the spring wardrobe

Aaah, the winter wardrobe...
It's the same every year for me.  Fall comes and I get a cute new look.  I wear it through Christmas, when I sport red and plaid and cozy sweaters, and then Christmas is over and it's still just as cold but I don't want to wear gold jewelry with scarves anymore.  The resort wear comes out at the stores, navy and white stripes and nautical looks, but I don't have anywhere to wear it.

Since high school, I remember thinking, sometime in January, "I am tired of dressing cute for this weather!"  I run out of cozy but also stylish and fashionable winter clothes, and can either wear my same long sweater and ankle boots with skinny jeans and a long necklace, or I can just give up and rock my U of O sweatshirt.  I do some of both.

Now it's March, and it's still pretty cold, and still technically winter, but spring is "just around the corner," as the obnoxious advertisers will tell us.  I can't wear warm weather clothes, but I am soooo tired of the winter stuff.  Anthro has lovely pieces like this out this season:
How am I supposed to wear these things when just last week it snowed a little and yesterday my pants got splattered and soaked on my walk to work?  Brrrr!!!!

Today I saw three (yes, THREE) women wearing open-toed shoes while walking around the streets of Downtown and NE Portland.  It was sprinkling rain at the time, and none of them looked super happy about their footwear choice.  It's not time for sandals yet, ladies.

But, it is time to wear those happy spring colors, with nice cardigans or layers over and under.  Maybe not so much on the dresses, except the ones you can wear with tights.  And careful, careful, with the sandals, since sandals and socks don't go in my book, either! ;)

To fight the boredom I am wearing bright colors and fun shoes--as the sun shines more, I plan to wear more bright colors and my nude pumps at work.

What about you??  Do you share my frustration this time of year?  I'd love to hear any tips for dressing for the office without dying of boredom after a loooong winter...


  1. Whereas I'm usually in long pants and a t-shirt I made the statement of wearing capris yesterday...of course I didn't go anywhere so it was a rather empty statement, and I had to avoid looking for fear of going blind but it was rather satisfying on the whole. :)

  2. Luckily, spring comes to Savannah quite a bit sooner...but if I blink I miss it, and am quite overwhelmed by the hot-hot-sticky-HOT summer. So I'm excited to be able to wear my cute mid-weight dresses for a few weeks without sweating :). (That being said, my sandals were appropriate for the temps today, but not for the torrential downpour. Eep!)

  3. I love that black and white dress...you can totally rock that year-round with tights, boots and a cardigan for cold weather, and with sandals for nice weather :)

    I had to break out my summery yellow blouse today and I'm wearing it over a navy long sleeve shirt. I got a lot of compliments on the combo :)

  4. I live in Minnesota, so I don't have many options. In winter, I add a scarf; in summer, I trade out my jeans for skirts more often. Luckily, I work in a "jeans and tee shirt" kind of office, so I can pare down my wardrobe to items that work for the whole year.
    Though with how grey it's been here, I really should come up with some bright and cheery items to bring my spirits back up!

  5. Okay, don't kill me, but I just moved to Tampa, FL this past summer and when winter came I had nothing to wear. All of my Virginia winter clothes were far too heavy and all of my summer clothes much too thin. It was worse for my six-year-old for whom I'd only bought a few "winter" pieces to replace those she outgrew. And now spring has sprung so much earlier than I expected and still, none of our clothing choices are right.

    But I've been taking my cue from my "everything goes" kiddo. Layers and leggings. Tank tops under pullover sweaters and a vest. Dresses with shirts under or over. Okay, maybe that won't work for your workplace, but it is fun. You can always get cute faux spats to help change the look of your usual pumps while keeping your legs toastier.

  6. Yeah, here in Mobile, AL I have the opposite problem. It doesn't really get cold until the end of November and I started wearing t-shirts again before February was over. I barely have time wear cute winter clothes before I have to put them away again.

  7. Luckily for this Texas gal, spring comes early!! I've been wearing sandals since mid February (minus a couple of freak cold spurts!)

    I LOVE that top right skirt from anthro. I've been trying to convince my bank account it's a good idea to buy it... Haha

    So glad I found your blog! xoxo

  8. I agree with the above commenters who espouse layers layers layers. I also start getting itchy around this time of year, and it's when I start making things like corduroy dresses but in rich springy colors. Or accessorizing everything with fake flowers in my hair. Wishing can make spring happen, you know...

  9. Maryland has a winter and a spring season. Temperatures are trending into the 50/60 degree area now.

    Right now I'm wearing my winter stuff for the final time before a big trip to the dry cleaner come March 22 - the second official day of spring.

    After that I'll keep some light wools but mostly go for cotton sweaters. It's a good season to wear pants as wooly tights and opaque stockings don't look very spring-like and it's a wee bit chilly for bare legs.

    Color-wise I'm out of deep wintery hues and into neutral lighter shaded items. I'll save the brights and black/white combos for mid-May and beyond.

  10. That's true--layers and pants until it gets warm enough to do bare legs.

    I don't mind black/white for spring, with a colorful accent added on. And of course the pretty colors need to come out of their boxes!

  11. Anonymous3/13/2011

    Oh, totally! I'm *so* tired of winter clothes (plus, all of my wool sweaters need to be washed...leaving me with only one to wear while they air dry /cry). I'm in Seattle, and our weather it a lot like yours right now...edging into the lower 50s, but rainy, rainy, rainy.

    It's still boots for me, but I'm starting to ease out of the pants and into the skirts/dresses with those boots!



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