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Wedding and honeymoon plans coming together!

Yesterday we bought our tickets for our honeymoon.  Yay!  It's all coming together... spending the big bucks on plane tickets to Hawaii makes it a little more real.

Thanks to family rewards points, we are staying at the Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa in Honolulu.  Ever been?  It is a pretty big hotel near Diamond Head on the south part of Waikiki Beach.
Neither of us has ever been to Hawaii, so despite the cliche of honeymooning there, we are doing it!  We are soooo excited.  It's not till the end of August, so sometime shortly before I go I'll have to collect suggestions of places to go and things to do on Oahu.

As for the wedding... I ordered the fabric for my bridesmaids' dresses this weekend, also, which was another big step!  I am excited to start making them although I want to hold off for a while in case any of my bridesmaids change size.  It'll probably only take me a day or so per dress so I could wait if I wanted to, although it's also something I can easily just get out of the way.

I ended up choosing this light grey stretch sateen from Fashion Fabrics Club.
You may remember my deliberations in an earlier post about my bridesmaid dresses.

Anyway last night I had a terrible dream that it was the day of our wedding and nothing was done, and we were all running around like crazy at the time when it was supposed to start.  I am very glad I still have 5 months to do things in real life.  In some ways, though, that's not very much time!  I am super super super excited!!!!


  1. Congrats on firming up some plans! I know that was one of the things my sister LOVED about getting married - checking things off of that seemingly endless list.
    I went to Oahu in my freshman year of college, and it's shocking to me that that was 7 years ago already! I highly recommend checking out the International Market, having coconut syrup on your pancakes, snorkeling in Hanauma Bay, and visiting Pearl Harbor. If you have a day and you're up for a drive, check out the North Shore! The beaches are less crowded than Waikiki, and they seem wilder for not having the city right there.
    So happy for all of the opportunities you're getting - makes me feel a lot better about where I'm at in my own life.

  2. I think I had the exact same dream many times when I was planning our wedding. Oh.. the terrible feeling.
    I Think you'll have it all under control.

    Best wishes from Sol in Norway

  3. I had that same dream right before my wedding!!! Only I was the only one running around like crazy. Every one else seemed to think everything was just dandy..

  4. im supposed to be going on a massive family trip to wakiki in august! we are hoping to maybe have a wedding ceremony then. with just like 10 of us. im looking forward to it so much! my mans family is from hawaii and his mom was born in waikiki! im so excited for you!

    come and visit me at

  5. If you get a chance go to Bubbies Ice Cream, they have the most delicious Mochi Ice cream and cakes there!

  6. Yes my husband and I visited Honolulu as my wedding present to him (we actually saw U2 Live at the outdoor arena there...it was fabulous!).

    I would definitely do the climb of Diamond Head --- it's pretty neat to go through the different tunnels to get all the way to the top. Also, visit the Dole Plantation --- and taste REAL FRESH pineapples. Last, do one of those Grey Line Bus tours around the island ---- some of the views are just amazing --- you really feel like in Jurassic Park!


  7. So fun to hear your stories! Thanks, other lovely and talented ladies =)

    I am soooooo excited for Hawaii now, and appreciate hearing your suggestions for places I've heard of. I will definitely be checking them out!

  8. The Ala Moana Mall is a couple of blocks from Waikiki, and my favorite bakery of all time is there. It's called St. Germain, and it's a French-Japanese bakery. They do a pastry called a Jesuite that is my favorite pastry of all time, and I can't find it on the mainland for the life of me (apparently not that many real French bakeries in Seattle?). They also do some great bread, so if you pick up some cheese and soda you can have a great picnic lunch at Ala Moana park, which is where all the locals go.

  9. Congrats! My fiance and I are getting married in Hawaii in less than a month :) Small world!

  10. Definitely hike Diamondhead and you MUST go to the flea market at Aloha Stadium - every Saturday and Sunday, I believe. Don't miss it! I bought fabulous luggage there for a steal (covered in hibiscus flower print) and it has held up wonderfully!

  11. Congrats! if you plan on going to Diamond Head, bring sneakers! I wore flipflops when I went. It was NOT a smart idea.

    Just Better Together

  12. Anonymous4/13/2011

    So excited for you. My hubby and I went to Maui for our 10 year wedding anniversary and then to Kauai last year for our 12th. If you are visiting any Hawaiian island, YOU MUST BUY the Ultimate guide book, "Oahu revealed", from wizard publications (wizardpub.com). You can get it at BarnesNoble or online. It is hands down the best (trust me I am the research queen!)and it is a MUST HAVE. There is no way we could have done all that we did when we were there had it not been for the in-depth, insider information. Happy to have discovered your blog! Rebeca



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