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Living room update: new custom ottoman, coffee table solution!

I said back at the beginning of the year that a goal for my home was figuring out the living room. I knew it would probably take all year! I've been updating the curtains, creating attractive toy/book storage, moving things around... and the custom ottoman I ordered a while back is here and so wonderful!

This post is sponsored by Wayfair.

Coffee table replacement: upholstered ottoman

I've debated a lot about coffee tables in here and tried a couple out. I love the function and style-ability of a coffee table, but with little kids, we had to just keep it bare all the time and it was sort of a hazard for rough play. There is also already a lot of wood in this room due to the original wood trim. Plus, I like to put my feet up on the coffee table while watching TV and I was always putting a pillow under my heels for padding, ha.

So a while back I decided I wanted something traditional, comfortable, and unique. I found this upholstered ottoman on Wayfair that comes in a ton of beautiful patterns and has charming ball feet. It was perfect! I was able to choose the color of the feet, too. Ah, I love some of those stripes it comes in so much... it was a hard decision! I recommend ordering swatches!

This is the Taupe Plaid with Java feet. 

It's the perfect size (48" long/wide) and is sturdy and solid for sitting on, resting feet, making forts with, etc. ;), but is also lightweight enough that it's easy to move around toward one couch or the other. 

I've been excited about adding color and pattern to my home lately, but as you can see I already have several in the couches and chair...! I love that the taupe plaid is still a pattern and not something you can find at a big box store, but totally harmonizes with the other patterns in here. 

I'm feeling so good about this room and excited to have another element figured out!

Thanks again to Wayfair for sponsoring this post!

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