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My favorite source for affordable vintage rugs!

I've known for a long time that vintage rugs are the highest in cool factor, and there's no substitute for a natural fiber rug. But can be overwhelming and hard to get started shopping for them, and committing to ordering something online you know would be tough to return. 

Well, I dove in recently... I had a couple of projects happening at once and bam! suddenly I'd ordered three vintage Turkish rugs within a couple months, all from the same shop I am so excited about! 

There is nothing like a real vintage rug for adding character, class, and (versatile) style to your home, and they don't even have to be expensive. I feel like I've cracked the code and can't wait to need another one!

Best source for affordable vintage Turkish rugs

I've posted about vintage rugs before including how I'd bought them in the past (sort of outdated now--Craigslist and estate sales!)

Well, I decided to update our upstairs hall and wanted to replace the blue printed vintage-look rug we had up there with something actually vintage, and something that would go with the art I was replacing, too (see that upstairs hall/basketball poster project here). I'd been favorite-ing rugs from this Etsy seller for a while. I heard about him from another blogger, I think. Great prices, range of colors and styles but mostly the faded vintage look I love. (This post is not sponsored at all!! Just wanted to share this great resource!)

I ordered a red rug to go with the art. But... it was so similar to the blue (faux vintage) one in Otto's room I thought it might be weird for them to be right next to each other (his room's the far right in the image above). But I also thought it would be great in his room! I tried it here on top of his--it wasn't quite wide enough, but so cute in there. 

Then I thought maybe the new red one would work in the office. You can see in progress photos here that it was so much better than the striped jute one I tried there first! But it wasn't quite wide enough there, either. 

So I ordered a larger pink one for the office. Same Etsy seller

It's pretty special!

While I was shopping for that one, I found this black/tan one and thought it would just be perfect for the upstairs hall. So I ordered it too. This is very unlike me--just buying things I like!? Normally I overthink and over-analyze and stress and wait for even bigger sales. But this seller has such great prices, and they are all one of a kind, obviously, so when they're gone they're gone. I just went for it, and I love these pieces more than any on-sale big box purchases!!

So now the original red rug is sitting folded in the basement, but I'm sure I'll find it a home. I want to have a home filled with high quality original pieces like vintage Turkish wool rugs, not mass-produced vintage look-alikes. And these rugs are not more expensive than the polyester ones. These three were all around $130-180, for 6x9-ish rugs. That's amazing. @vintagerugshop on Etsy, big fan!!

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