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DIY painted peg row instead of closet in Lucy's nursery

So happy with this solution! Lucy's charming nursery is a funky sort of bonus room that doesn't have a closet. 

When she recently sized up to 12 month clothes and I pulled out the cute woven dresses, I realized I really needed some way to hang them. Her room is pretty large for what we need so there is extra wall space! I thought about a peg rail but her room has wood paneling already so no reason to add extra wood--I could just add pegs! I bought these affordable wooden pegs and...

Roughed them up by sanding them with some very coarse sandpaper...

Primed them...

And painted them with the same color and paint as the walls! (Benjamin Moore Mount Saint Anne.)

Voila. I mounted them 12" apart which leaves room for the 11" or so wide baby hangers. 

I still would like to get cuter hangers... I ordered ivory ones but they looked yellow/tan in person. I'd like an off-white like the ceiling (Sherwin-Williams Alabaster), maybe wood instead of felt? I'll keep looking.

Until then... so pleased with this project!

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