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3 tips for getting anything done with a newborn and toddler!

Parenting two kids is not easy!! I have so much respect for all parents out there these days... it's still stressful for me sometimes, but I'm picking up a lot of new skills and I have some tips for how I manage to be/seem so productive still. (Your words, not mine. :P I get compliments about that a lot and I guess I do get a lot done... not always as much as I'd like, though!)

This post is sponsored by Ergobaby.

Here are my top 3 tips for being productive with a newborn around, with a 2.5-year-old, too!

How to get things done with a newborn and toddler

1. Schedule.

I loooove having a schedule. I shared about this last month--it's not typical for newborns to have a predictable schedule and it does involve some gentle coaxing on my part, and the occasional moment of stress when she wakes up early from a nap, but WOW, is it worth it. I can plan my day around dual naptime, times when just Otto is up and we can do minor chores or tasks around him while he plays, and times when just Lucy is up and I can do a few things on the computer or my phone while holding her (or more--see tip #3!). Sticking close to the schedule makes our days so much easier!!!

2. Prep things early.

I really use this tip to help me with dinner preparation. Lucy and Otto are both awake from 5-6pm, so I basically can't make dinner unless I cut up the veggies and make a plan when they're both napping or when someone is watching Otto or he's playing in the kitchen. My parents watch him two afternoons/week from 4-6pm so I know 4-5pm is my window to prep dinner! On other days, it's 1-2pm!

This totally applies to other tasks, too... I've found I like to get out all of our stuff for a morning walk an hour early rather than running around the house gathering things while wrangling children. Same with forms, emails, etc.--I set up what I can when I have the time and then block off time on my calendar later on for the rest.

3. Versatile babywearing, around the house or anywhere!

I've worn both babies in a soft wrap to help with naps, and can get a few things done that way, but then I'm still limited to when they're napping (they fall asleep in those). We have a couple other carriers but they weren't very comfortable.

But then... I just got the Ergobaby Omni 360 Cotton Carrier and I am in love. It's nicer than any carrier I've used before and makes it fun and so easy to carry Lucy around while she's awake (when we start, anyway ;) ) and do little things around the house, on walks, even on errands!

This carrier is super versatile (works for babies 7-45 lbs, 0-48 months!!), and you can do the front carry with H straps like I'm wearing here or a ton of other positions--baby facing out, baby on back, even baby on side/one hip, different positions with the straps, couple options for baby head/neck support (no newborn insert needed).

There's also a super handy removable zipper and pocket pouch at the front, perfect size for a phone, and an SPF 50 hood that pulls out from the top to go over baby's head in the sun.

Another thing I really love about this carrier is the sturdy cotton canvas and strong adjustable straps. There are even attached elastic bands that wrap around the long end of the straps so they don't dangle. 

The Omni 360 Cotton Carrier is super, super easy to use and even has some instructions on the wrap itself--like pictures and weight ranges for how to position the padded base under baby's legs. This carrier is ergonomic and hip healthy for baby across the wide age and weight ranges you can use it for.

Oh, it's also WAY more comfortable for me than other carriers I've tried. I'm still having low back issues (old issue, postpartum flare-ups with both kids) but this carrier actually feels good to wear! I've been so excited I've been pulling it out to wear whenever I can.

In fact, let me think of all the things I've done using this carrier already...

  • Take a walk while she was awake
  • Wear her in the 30+ minute line at IKEA after she woke up in her car seat
  • Carry her around from the car to the garage as I packed batteries, pens, etc. for an errand
  • Get laundry from the basement
  • Fold laundry
  • Caulk some of the trim in the bathroom reno!!
  • Prep food for dinner when she got tired of sitting in the bouncer and I wasn't done yet
  • Stand around snacking in the kitchen
  • ... and I've only had it for about a week!

As she gets older and her wake windows get longer, I'm sure I'll use it even more! It's so handy for when she's awake but still wants to be held, or for when we want to get outside in the rare bits of sunshine in Oregon weather and I don't want to wait for a nap.

I am totally a convert to Ergobaby carriers now and excited to have this great tool for parenting our sweet baby while still getting things done!!

Thank you to Ergobaby for sponsoring this post!

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