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Choosing the perfect paint and COLOR! Big changes in the bathroom reno. Week 4 One Room Challenge

We've turned a corner and the One Room Challenge bathroom reno is looking VERY different this week! I went outside my comfort zone because my comfort zone was feeling boring for this one. We now have beautiful, not-white-or-neutral painted wainscoting in the bathroom!

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As you may remember in the design plans, I originally was thinking white beadboard... classic, what's not to like (like for resale), matches the trim we had already painted when we moved in. But I'd also seen some beautiful bathroom inspiration images with dusty teal trim or vanity (see three faves here). The third image, this powder bath by Studio McGee, uses Pigeon by Farrow & Ball. I looked it up... it's really a chameleon color and more grey-blue than teal. I decided to just take a look at the dusty teal options at Sherwin Williams and pick one of those.

Choosing the perfect green or teal

I narrowed it down... I really wanted something really dusty... not a technical term, I'm sure but you know, muted, not bright. Lots of grey/brown in it, but still definitely a color. Turns out that was tricky and I narrowed it down more to just two options: more green or more teal. Acacia Haze or Jasper Stone.

You can see in the bathroom they both look a little warmer, although part of that is just due to iPhone color balance issues. Well, I decided teal was maybe too bold for me still, and I went with the greener option.

We now have a mostly GREEN bathroom!! I love the color and it looks great in here.

It'll look even better once we get that painters' tape off. :P 

Taking advice from the incredible Jenny Komenda, we'll actually be painting ALL the trim in here this pretty green color. It gives it a much more intentional, cohesive look--not like a thrown-together accent or quick project wall treatment. 

I am also glad I thought twice about the sheen. All the other trim in our home is semi-gloss, but when I read that Studio McGee used matte for the paneling in that powder bath I was surprised. It does give it a more modern look, though. Our walls are eggshell and I thought it would be weird if the trim was flatter than the walls, so I went with eggshell for the paneling and WOW, it is so velvety and lovely! I'm not sure if I'd do it for baseboards, door trim, etc. only, but since it's the same paint on the walls (wainscot) and trim, I think it makes sense to do a more wall-like sheen. It still feels really wipeable and easy maintenance on the trim and paneling, too.

The toilet is working but the sink is not yet. That's the next step for Jason, and next for me is more trim painting. It's really coming together and I'm excited to start moving in some decor, hopefully by the end of the weekend! I'll share more on my Instagram stories, for sure!

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