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Fall home tour and my top 3 tips for decorating for fall!

I am really careful with seasonal decorating since I'm a bit of a minimalist and don't like buying and storing pieces that have limited use. But I do like to get into the spirit of a new season, and I've found three simple tips help me every year!

Sharing some updates we've made to the living room and dining room lately... happy fall!

My top 3 tips for decorating for fall

I keep it simple--but I do make noticeable changes!

1. Add/replace soft pieces.

I've had blue tones in our throw pillows all spring and summer... just switching those to orange/rust and olive green made a huge difference! Also time to add more, chunkier/fuzzier, throw blankets. 

I love putting one on the back of the sofa (it's visible from the dining room and front door and there's no room for a sofa table behind it, so it needs something to add interest!).

2. Avoid the seasonal section.

HomeGoods will tell you you need plaid things and platters and figurines and hand towels, all kinds of things, with fall words on them. You don't. Stick with the style you already have in your home and just change out a few really visible pieces/colors, and use pieces that are versatile for other rooms or seasons. Your home will look so much more high-end and thoughtfully decorated!

I like to add one or two pumpkin-shaped things, but real, actual pumpkins are best, not a pumpkin printed or embroidered on something!

3. Add/replace natural elements.

Swap out floral or bright green stems with darker, muted ones and brown/tan pieces. Hydrangeas are a lovely tan/purple color this time of year, those are great! I also love dried wheat. Ironic because I haven't eaten wheat since 2009, but it's very pretty for the season and has great texture!

Think outside the visual box here and add natural scents and tastes, too! Switch out summery candles for fall (or I like to skip the sugary-sweet pumpkin pie ones and just go to holiday cedar or other greenery ones). Bake some zucchini bread with cinnamon or offer a cup of tea to anyone who comes over. Can't capture this on camera, but we did just make some fragrant, delicious paleo banana bread last week!

Welcome people (or just your family) in with a little more relaxed, informal feeling space with their favorite foods, smells, football on TV, books, whatever says fall to you and your friends... and the changes to the decor will make it a great fall experience!

Hope these tips are helpful and fun! Happy seasonal updating!

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