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Our fireplace getting closer and closer to living up to its potential: no-wiring sconces!

I've been updating our fireplace little bit by little bit the past two years we've lived here. It's original to our home and I'm not considering any huge changes (see all its iterations here), but it has felt a little plain for the huge, long wall of the living room it stands on.

I debated sconces for a long, long time but finally added some (fully functional, no wiring!) and am very happy with it!

No-wiring sconces on our historic fireplace

I thought about more modern versions because I love our modern dining room light fixture and it might be nice to modernize a bit, but didn't find anything right. Then we got this chandelier for this room, which really added a lot, and I found some simple sconces that were a similar style. Then I just had to commit, and decide where to put them!

These are $70 for a set of two which is pretty hard to pass up. Rather than wire them through our lath and plaster walls, I did the Magic Light Trick (LED puck lights with a remote, affixed inside the sconce). A very similar sconce also comes as a plug-in version.

I really debated about where to place them--I was sure I'd put them right above the mantel, 6" or so in from the edges, but that did feel like it would limit what we could put on top of the mantel. Plus, I'm not planning on adding curtains on the windows that flank the fireplace, and this wall space was a little blank. Putting the sconces outside the fireplace made the wall look more grand, too, I think! This room is SO long, it's nice to stretch out the fireplace moment.

It's nice to have extra accent lighting on this wall, too. We used to have this tiny lamp on the mantel, but symmetrical light is better. The light that comes from the puck lights is adjustable in brightness.

Unfortunately these shades are narrow at the base and puck lights don't come in many sizes. These are large and to make them work (and not have the light at the very top of the shade), I faced them forward and taped them in place. It works!

Very happy with this update!

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