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34 weeks! Third trimester pregnancy update

34 weeks along! Baby will be here before we know it. We are so, so grateful and excited to meet her and become a family of four.

But, the third trimester of pregnancy has been a lot harder the second time around. At least, from what I can remember!

Second pregnancy third trimester update

I can't believe how big my belly is, and still going to get bigger! I've gained 28 pounds, which I think is a little more than I had gained last pregnancy at this point, but still pretty normal. Thankfully, I'm healthy this pregnancy too, no gestational diabetes or other issues the midwives need to watch. I do have a few issues--a varicose vein behind my left knee and spider veins on my left leg (had both with Otto, too), sometimes painful, so I have to wear thigh-high compression socks all day, every day, except when showering and sleeping. (It was 90 degrees here the other day--this is not fun.) The leg thing is a little scary as it can mean deep vein thrombosis or blood clots, though the midwives aren't concerned about my case but do recommend the compression socks all the time. I took them off for these photos, felt like a vacation. :P

Thankfully my acid reflux I shared about last pregnancy update has really subsided and is not every day. Phew. However, with the belly even bigger, I am just really uncomfortable a lot of the time. Like, sometimes at the end of the day the kicks and stretching feel like too much in any position and I've been on all fours on the couch while Jason and I talk about the day because nothing else works. The kicks are really intense and baby is still taking up so much space on my right side under my rib cage, ouch.

Also, just started getting Braxton-Hicks contractions which are not painful but uncomfortable because my belly hardens and feels like it takes up more space.

Other ailments I had with Otto that I don't have this time: thankfully my legs, hands, and face seem less puffy than before. But, I work from home right now so I don't wear my wedding rings anyway, and of course I'm wearing compression socks all day so you can't see my normal-sized ankles, either. Ha. Also, I am super tired all the time... watching a toddler doesn't help I guess, but I don't remember being this tired in the third trimester last time.

I checked back at my last pregnancy 33-week update--I sounded a lot more upbeat in that one than I do now. So maybe it actually is harder this time around.

I'm reading Mindful Birthing again (I only got partway through last time) and some other baby/labor books, and started packing the hospital bag already. Ordered newborn diapers, etc. Trying to get mentally prepared! We really are very excited!!!

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