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Guest bedroom makeover!!! Before and design: One Room Challenge Week 1

I'm so excited to announce this project!! After a pretty quiet spring of staying at home, I'm excited to be working on a new decor project: an earthy, relaxed, but rich an comfortable guest room.

This guest room belongs to my friends Gabriela and Matt. (You might remember them from this midcentury modern-inspired full bathroom reno last spring's One Room Challenge.) They're doing a lot of improvements to their 1961 home these days and I'm helping them transform their guest room next!

I'll be sharing about this project over the next 8 weeks as part of the One Room Challenge, a (usually 6-week) event where hundreds of designers make over a room or space in their or a client's home. These are typically really big, beautiful, exciting projects! I've done two bathrooms and our bedroom as ORCs before! (You can see all my One Room Challenge posts ever here and all my finished room reveals here.)

New here?

If you're new to this blog from the ORC site, welcome!! I'm Suzannah, a longtime DIYer and design lover currently making over our 1937 Tudor revival style home, our second fixer-upper. I have a 2-year-old and baby on the way, but my husband and I have done almost all of the work on our homes ourselves! I've blogged about all of it so you can check out my tutorials page and room reveals to see. You can also follow along with me and my projects on Instagram! I also co-host the Your Home Story podcast!

See all my posts about this ORC here!

Earthy, midcentury modern guest bedroom design

The inspirations for this room are generally upholstered bed, white walls, few midcentury lines, and warm tones. I fell in love with doing olive green for this room and I am so excited that Gabriela and Matt also love the coolest upholstered bed in olive green! (You'll see below...)
Image source

Guest room before

So, the room "before." It's pretty small, with one large window and a closet on the opposite side. I don't have the exact measurements but I will tell you we measured it out and an 8'x8' rug is the perfect size! Can't handle anything bigger. The room has been relatively functional as a guest room, but there are some improvements Gabriela and Matt want, like a bigger dresser, nicer chair, and a bed that doesn't stick out into the path/beyond the mattress at the foot.

Design and sources

Here are a few specific products we're planning on to get the look! These will change a little, and some will be vintage instead of the ones I linked below, but you can get the idea here.

Option 1 combines the key components: olive green, teak wood, natural textures with Gabriela and Matt's classic midcentury modern look.

I also drew up Option 2--a few more "modern traditional" elements like I like!

Which do you like better??

We'll see which items change a little but the bed is set for sure and I am so excited about it!! I'm so glad I get to do a room using it!

To follow along with this project, check back every Wednesday for the next 8 weeks, and/or enter your email in the black GET NEW POSTS BY EMAIL box on the left! Can't wait to share more!

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