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$300 newbie DIYer laundry room makeover reveal!

This project is a great example of how lots of elbow grease and a small budget can truly result in a great before/after!

If you’ve been intimidated by projects that we’ve talked about on the Your Home Story podcast in the past, then this $300 Laundry room makeover should set you at ease. Ashley helped direct her sister, who is a beginner DIYer, in this project. From painting to installing peel and stick wallpaper and even to building a base for a washer and dryer, this is the perfect project for a beginner DIYer.

The "before" was a pretty typical builder basic home laundry room between living space and garage. The $300 budget was strict and Brittany and her husband were brand new to DIY projects!

The basic concept was painting the cabinets and installing washer/dryer platforms and a countertop, but Ashley gave Brittany several ideas and options to make it look beautiful as well as be more functional.

So much better, right?! We talk about budget-saving tricks they used, how they learned brand new skills, tips Ashley gave them, and more.

Links we talked about:
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  4. Butcher Block Countertop Hack DIY
  5. Butcher Block Tutorial
  6. How to Build a Laundry Machine Base
  7. Tutorial for building a washer and dryer base

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