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The biggest news!!! (Again!) BABY #2!!!

We have some wonderful news! Not since fall of 2017 has something this big happened! If you haven’t guessed it yet…

I am pregnant, expecting baby #2 in August! We are so excited and happy to be adding another incredible little person to our family. Parenting has been quite the journey for us (wonderful, challenging, the usual) but we are ready and excited to do it again! And we are so, so grateful that we were able to get pregnant relatively quickly again. Unfortunately I have not been feeling great since about week 5, just like last time, the same symptoms although thankfully less severe.

All this means we have a really big year ahead of us… Jason graduates from physical therapy school in May and will take the board exams in either late April or late July. I am hoping to take some classes and do some seminars for a certification for work this summer. We still have a lot of things we want to do on the house this year, although some of it will be stuff we hire out and I’m hoping to take care of this spring. This summer we aren't sure if Jason will start working right away, or if he'll take a couple months off to watch Otto, work on the house, and just help us get ready for this big transition of adding a newborn to our lives in August. Then I’ll take 3 months off, and be back to work around Thanksgiving. Whew! I think it’s going to be a whirlwind.

The past couple years of our lives have been pretty insane, too… Starting a family while one of us is in medical school was not the easiest decision, oh, and also flipping a house and buying a historic fixer-upper… We could’ve made these first years of parenting a lot easier, but we didn’t. I am so grateful to be bringing this next baby into our permanent home, rather than the 500 SF apartment we lived in when Otto was born after living with my parents after selling our last house!

Otto will be 2 years, 4 months old when the new baby is born. I hope that’s a good age gap… He already loves pointing out babies and playing with a baby doll, and talking about tummies… he doesn’t know what he’s in for! After Otto was born I really struggled with how hard it was to have to take care of another person 24/7 and I definitely did not feel ready to have another baby until probably this last summer after Otto was almost a year and a half. I was afraid that I wouldn’t feel ready for a long time, and we have always hoped to have kids relatively close together in age. But thankfully the baby fever set in again and here we are! (And Jason was ready pretty much immediately after Otto was born!)

I will share more pregnancy updates now that we’ve made the big announcement! How I’m feeling, how this pregnancy is different than last, what the gender is, maybe even some nursery decor this time around. I am excited to share! (Make sure you subscribe by email (sidebar on the right below my social icons) to get updates as I share them!)

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