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Non-kitschy 2-hour decor projects

TRUST ME, I know what it's like to be short on time but want to improve your home... I see so many projects I'd like to do around here!! Thankfully there ARE lots of ways to make little changes, add interest or style, or make something better work for you--in 2 hours or less!

This week on the Your Home Story podcast we're running you through our favorite ideas of 2-hour home decor projects--and these are not your typical "glue stuff to a lamp" kitschy, disposable ones. These ideas will improve your home or room for a long time, AND will make you feel accomplished right away!

Links to what we covered:
  1. Bluetooth waterproof speaker that Ashley’s loving (and it’s under $40!).
  2. Portable bluetooth speaker that Suzannah and Jason have been using while working on projects
  3. 2-hour or less projects:
    1. Styling a vignette whether that be on a dresser, nightstand or media cabinet.
    2. Change out dresser hardware. Examples: dresser/changing table, vanity (added holes)
    3. Give a poster frame a wood look
    4. DIY wall art on a canvas.. Examples: abstract ikat-ey painting, windowpane ribbon art
    5. Ashley loves these cork pads for plants.
      1. Split plants or change their vessels.
    6. Sewing for the Home
      1. Great pillows, Suzannah made one that said HOME BODY with the Silhouette transfer machine years ago.
      2. Curtain hemming. Suzannah shared her IKEA tutorial here.
    7. DIY Bamboo Shade Hack
    8. Light Fixture Upgrades
      1. Even can lights or fluorescents can be replaced with a few extra pieces of equipment.
      2. Spray paint a light fixture. Check out this (formerly brass) pendant in Suzannah’s breakfast nook here.
    9. Hang a gallery wall.

The spray painted vintage pendant light in our breakfast nook. This photo is pre-kitchen reno but we still have it up today!

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