Hello! I'm Suzannah, a serious DIYer and mom of two little ones. Follow along with my DIY fixer upper house renovations, sewing and crafty projects, real food recipes, and de-stressing goals.
I believe you can love your home just the way it is, AND have the power to design and make big changes to make it better.
I'm also the author of DIY Wardrobe Makeovers!

FREE ways to update & improve your home!

Lately I've been feeling super overwhelmed by all the projects we have planned (or need to plan) at this house. It's an old house, we knew it was a fixer-upper, and it has great potential... but we need to spend money and time improving it. Plus, I get really hung up choosing exactly the right thing for any little decor purchase!

However, there are plenty of really beneficial projects/improvements that don't cost any money at all (some not even that much time!) and yet make a huge difference on how we feel about our homes. Read on and listen in for a ton of great ideas! (This is a lot more than the basics like moving art around!!)
There are TWO big free improvements featured in this pic of my dining room!

This week on the Your Home Story podcast Ashley and I rounded up a bunch of free ways to update and improve your home. Deep cleaning, decor/style, and home improvement--there are tons of ways to change and better your home without spending anything. Some of these are high-impact DIY projects you can do with materials you already have!

Links to images for some of the free projects we talked about:

  1. Stems I cut from a large shrub outside
  2. Ashley’s post on trimming back boxwoods and removing shutters
  3. When I removed a fireplace screen (before/after)
  4. My post about for painting a fireplace screen
  5. Angela from Restoring Home’s fireplace makeover
  6. Ashley’s update to modernize stair railing
  7. Ashley’s update to ornate woodwork

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Listen to episode 64 here or in your podcast player!

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