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1961 pink and red bathroom makeover!: Week 1 of the One Room Challenge

Today's a big day!!!!! Announcing a big project--I'm going to make over another room in just 6 weeks for the spring 2019 One Room Challenge! It's the 1961 pink and red main bathroom of my good friends Gabriela and Matt. Their home is clean, freshly painted, and well-maintained... but this bathroom still has the original PINK sink, tub, and toilet!! And needs a window replaced and some plumbing fixes as well. We are going to turn it into the modern midcentury-leaning space of their dreams!!

Read on to see the "before" pictures, inspirations, and design plan!

First, some eye candy. Gabriela and Matt are drawn to the warm woods of midcentury modern design, but lots of black and white. Below are some of their favorite inspiration rooms for this project. Note the dark hex floors, brass and black fixtures and mirrors, and teak-ey/walnut-ey vanities.

Now, here's their current space. Their home has two baths, but only one on this floor, so it serves as their master bathroom as well as a guest bath.

The vanity has only two tiny drawers, and cabinets (I know from experience, so hard to keep neat and organized without drawers!), plus a sink that takes up a lot of counter space. The sink is also mauve!!

Those bright red Marmoleum floors are actually not original, we're pretty sure. That charming red rubber baseboard strip was used in the downstairs bathroom, too, which was updated. The previous owners were really into color! (You should have seen the listing photos for this home! Crazy colors in every room!!)

The layout is pretty standard, with a tub (also pink!) at the far wall. We'll be keeping the tub, but having it resurfaced so it's white.

This window in the shower faces right out to their patio, and is pretty low. The wood sill has some water damage. We're having a contractor replace the window with a slightly shorter one, and re-tiling the shower and area around the window with a large white matte subway tile.

We still have some design decisions to make, including what to do for baseboards and what accessories to add--and where to go black or brass!

Here's the concept board so far!

We are very excited to be working with Semihandmade for the vanity fronts, and will be using an IKEA Godmorgon vanity with Semihandmade fronts.

Demo starts THIS WEEK, and we have a lot to do this weekend including laying that beautiful dark tile! I'll be sharing a lot in my stories on my Instagram, so follow me there for the latest.

I'll share a blog post every Wednesday for the next 6 weeks on our One Room Challenge progress. You can also follow a TON of other exciting room reno projects these next 6 weeks, check out the ORC blog for the featured designers and guests like me!

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