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Our new high-end look sofa: Comfort Works skirted slipcover on our IKEA classic!

A couch is a defining feature of a living room... so making this one change recently in ours has had a huge impact!!

We have an IKEA Karlstad 3-seater sofa that I bought on Craigslist in 2013?? for $100. At our last house we got this green velvet slipcover for it and it made the room!! In this house, our living room is already so full of color and character with the warm wood trim and original fireplace... I was ready to calm down the color and try something more neutral.

I also wanted a more classic/modern traditional look, less midcentury. So, I got a custom skirted sofa cover from Comfort Works and... WOW.... it has made me love our living room so much more!!

Comfort Works sent this slipcover for my review! All opinions are my own, I genuinely love their products!

You can see our previous Comfort Works slipcover here, plus in our 500 SF apartment tour while we were house-hunting, and then in this house. It has held up so well and is still that bold, beautiful green and stain-resistant washable velvet! I absolutely love their concept--replacement slipcovers for IKEA and other brands of couches and chairs--and they come in a lot of styles and colors I like. I'm just not ready to replace our Karlstad yet, so I looked at the options for recovering it.

I got quite a few samples from Comfort Works, and compared them based on color in real life plus durability and texture. I definitely recommend ordering samples!

I chose the Karlstad 3 seater sofa covers in Kino Natural fabric in a long skirt style. The Kino fabric is one of their more durable ones, a must since we're getting a lighter-colored sofa and have a baby, cat, and two sometimes messy adults. Plus, the skirt is so fabulous!! Our $100 sofa is looking like a designer one!

Compared to our last cover, this one is super simple because the base is one piece rather than three. With the skirted style, you put the IKEA couch back together entirely before covering it in just one skirted piece.

Here's the new USB port feature--Comfort Works covers come with a free add-on of two Velcro-on black plastic pieces, one on either side of the inside back cover, and a USB cord. You can plug in any phone charger to the hidden port and charge without messy cords while sitting on the couch! Here ours is installed.

The covers fit perfectly because they're designed for this sofa specifically.

(I get a lot of help around here.)

Looks so crisp and fresh!!

We are in the process of updating/"finishing" this room and put the new rug down the same day we changed out the sofa cover, and finally got a floor lamp. NIGHT AND DAY, making this room feel beautiful and homey!

In love. Now that I have a neutral couch, I have so many options for pillow covers... I've been doing a lot of neutrals the past couple years with a green sofa! Time to shop or sew!

This one is working so well for us but on Comfort Works's website you can choose lots of other options, too, even just among the Karlstad sofa covers. Skirted or not, piping on the edges or not, couple different options for USB port or phone charging station... 

Plus it's great to know that you can get replacement sofa covers for any IKEA, Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, MUJI, West Elm, Restoration Hardware, Rowe, or literally any other brand (custom measure) at a reasonable price. We didn't have a budget for a new sofa and, updating the old is a great way to keep waste out of the landfill and slow down buying new all the time.

They also have a vegan leather option for their slipcovers and they sent me this pillow in that material. This one is Savannah Saddle. So pretty!

(Ignore those bookcase, they are 100% not styled!)

I think our new replacement slipcovers with this classic color and elegant style will be versatile all seasons, and with the washable covers and skirt it's low-maintenance, too.

I am honestly so excited about this new couch cover and it's giving me the energy to finish our living room!

Thanks to Comfort Works for sending this slipcover for my review!

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