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How to have friends over when your house isn't "done" yet

Not since fall of 2016 have we lived in a clean, presentable, fully functional house for more than a couple months!! Two fixer uppers back to back has us used to Amazon boxes in the corner of formal spaces, and feeling extra grateful for things like working sinks. BUT that doesn't mean we haven't had a great time hosting friends and family for parties, simple dinners, even overnight guests.

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This week on the Your Home Story podcast, Ashley and I are sharing a lot of experiences hosting with our less-than-perfect (or even finished) homes--and how you can feel confident despite the mess when inviting others in. Doesn't matter the size of the mess (a full kitchen reno, or just need to paint the hallway!)--you can share your home with the people you love without stressing too much.

We share some practical tips for entertaining around a renovation mess, plus our thoughts on how to get in the right mindset. I hope you love this episode and hearing more about us and our experiences working on our homes!
Our current dining room--only two bulbs in the chandelier, too-short curtains, dated kitchen... but it's hosted some great dinners!

As promised, links to the resources and links we talked about this week:
  1. http://bit.ly/2Da9vYd
  2. Our minimalism episode - Ep 19
  3. The Faux Martha on Instagram
  4. My mirror above my console table and here it is with the latest styling
  5. The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin

Listen here or in your podcast player!

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