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Design, Make, & Live: Offices

Home offices are typically mostly about function. Desk, comfortable chair, printer, to-do list... the design doesn't really come first.

But, there are tons of ways you can make a home office space beautiful as well as practical. This post links lots of ideas and solutions for utilitarian essentials and design features, plus four (very different) gorgeous office inspirations from around the web!

This post contains affiliate links.

On the Your Home Story podcast this week, we do a deep dive into office design and function. We start by talking about the utilitarian essentials (and how to make them more attractive), including constant design challenges like the table-vs-desk debate!, and then cover design features that add style while also being practical.

Resources from this episode:
  1. My townhouse home tour and office/sewing room
  2. Ashley’s current sunroom/office
  3. The HP printer that charges you based on prints/usage if you use HP Instant Ink
  4. Ashley’s office board on Pinterest
  5. My office board on Pinterest
  6. The Nesting With Grace “Magic Light Trick” you can use to add sconces above a desk or to add interest and light
  7. Inspiration image of a hanging light over a workspace
  8. My affordable and cute office chair round-up
  9. Butcher paper roll holder and clip set for to-do list
  10. Inspiration image of an oversized design board
  11. Some cute acrylic wall-mounted calendars: 1, 2, 3
  12. The clear plastic pegboard system I used in my sewing room
  13. The Grid-It product you can use to corral and hide cords mounted to a desk

Four office inspirations we love:
  1. Ashley from the Gold Hive - Hand Painted mural, pendant light, table (without drawers)
  2. Lindsey from Hello Hydrangea - A weaver so her office displays lots of her yarns, looms, etc.
  3. Yellow Brick Home - Small office setup with table and storage and then seating area on the other side.
  4. Jones Design Co - Office/studio with desk and table setup

We’d love to hear your office challenges, and see your office design solutions! Share in our Facebook group here!

Listen here or in your favorite podcast player!

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