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I got the vacuum everyone is so excited about! Pros, cons, how we're using it

It is incredible how EXCITED people get about vacuums. I'm excited, too!! It seems like all of a sudden, I've been hearing SO much about this lightweight, cordless vacuum and everyone is so into it, and I guess it's good timing cause I have an old, dusty house, fall leaves outside, and an almost-mobile baby.

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No matter how much I might need it... I was not looking for a vacuum when I started seeing Instagram stories and posts about these a few months back. @farahpro, @thegoldhive, and @diyplaybook all shared about how much they love their vacuums!! Farah's was particularly funny... she shared in her stories that she modeled one when she worked for Overstock and now she is so hooked she fully admits to loving her vacuum. Even friends in real life have mentioned these to me, like some friends at our housewarming party who had just bought one and were so excited about it!

There are a few different models of lightweight, handheld-convertible, cordless vacuum from Dyson. The ones I considered were the V6 Animal, V8 Animal, and V8 Absolute. I get analysis paralysis so I tried to read some comparisons and see which one was best for me, but I got overwhelmed. And decided in the end that 1) any easy-to-use-vacuum was better than our current options which I don't enjoy using and rarely use, and 2) I didn't have $500 to spend (like on the Absolute), but I wouldn't mind spending less than $200--I found the V6 Animal refurbished on eBay.

Yes, I vacuumed the trim. More on that later.

So the main attachment is the direct drive cleaner head, kinda your basic vacuum function. Great on carpet, rugs, etc. and I've been using it on our hardwoods too, no problem. It's easy to maneuver and this whole situation is just SO much lighter and easier than our 25-year-old Oreck. This is basic vacuuming, with no cord and easy operation.

Another attachment that I LOVE is the crevice tool. (By the way, I found this blog post which explains what attachment is for what.) This house was vacant for 2+ years before we moved in and while we have done a ton of cleaning as we've painted and moved in, I am still finding dust on random places like the tops of the hinges or the inside of the trim around our doors. And underneath the doors. This thing is great for that!!

There is also this soft dusting brush tool, which extends to have a crevice feature of its own. Apparently this one is great for dusting light fixtures, bookshelves, etc. (we need that!!) and as you can see, helps out with hard surface hard-to-reach areas like the top of our picture molding.

I also love the handheld feature. Any of the attachments plug into the motor directly as well as onto the long handle.

That purple-blue thing on the top is the filter, which you're supposed to clean once/month. The clear basin is what catches the dust and you do need to change it more often than you would a huge vacuum cleaner bag, but I think about the same as you have to change the Roomba basin--except this one is much easier and less gross to dump out into the trash.

There is also a MAX button you can hit with your thumb for stubborn spots. That uses up battery life a little more than the regular power mode, but I was able to clean the whole first floor on regular mode with no battery issues at all... I'm pretty sure there's a lot more life in it than I'll typically need regardless.

So there's a lot of pros for you there. Super lightweight, easy (and fun, seriously) to use. I've been picking it up multiple times a day when I see specks, when we've moved furniture, when the cat spills litter outside his box... so handy.

Some cons... well, we have yet to find a place to hang the storage mount. It stores a couple extra attachments, too. It mounts to the wall and we have plenty of options there, but I want it somewhere 1) easily accessible and 2) near a power source so we can leave it charging while it hangs. Haven't found that magic place yet.

Another con is, while it came with all the original (brand new) paper work (even the one we got, refurbished) there was nothing from Dyson on which attachment to use for what. I had to go dig up that blog post, and I have another attachment she doesn't list there, I dunno what it's for. And I don't have all of hers. So the instruction manual (and/or the Dyson website) should really break it down for each one so you know when to use them.

I still think this is a great vacuum, and I'm so glad we have it!! Again here is the exact one we bought (eBay refurbished, Amazon new), and here is the store that sold ours and has a lot of other choices of refurbished Dysons: Dysonoutlet on eBay.

Again this post is NOT sponsored, I am just that excited about this vacuum!

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