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Great modern traditional lighting fixtures under $250

I shared in this post some of the chandeliers/dramatic light fixtures that I'm thinking about for our dining room, and I've been doing a lot of research in that area lately! We are going with a bit of a "modern traditional" style in this home, different than my slightly boho, slightly Cali contemporary look of our last house... a nod to our 1937 home's historic nature but not taking it back to what it used to look like! I love the old + new mix and tons of neutrals in the modern traditional style. (Emily Henderson defined it well in this post.)

So, I've collected quite a few light fixtures--chandeliers, flush mounts, sconces, small pendants, the works!--to help you get that "not-quite-minimal-not-quite-country-a-little-modern-monastery" (Emily's words) look on a budget. These are gooooood, too! I wish I had a place for more of them! And meanwhile, I'm still deciding on our dining room fixture!!

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First, some inspiration. I LOVE these rooms and they are inspiring me as I decorate several rooms in our house!

Now, the options. I have been working hard to find affordable versions of fixtures that work with this style! You can shop all of these in the image below, just click the black/white plus sign.

Modern traditional lighting fixtures under $250

I love some of these fixtures and I do need new ones in most rooms! It's hard to choose!

(Also check out this post of mine with 43 affordable light fixtures, several of which we used at our last house! I love shopping for lighting.)

If you have any suggestions for our dining room from these, let me know!

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