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Hallway design - plus our hallway progress!

Hallways don't have to be dark and dingy, utility-filled, or just wasted space. Believe it or not, this is a super packed post with lots of inspirations for function and style updates for hallways! Plus I'm sharing our progress photo of our hall at the Stanley Tudor Revived... (it was once bright yellow, with carved terra cotta switchplates!)...

This week on the Your Home Story podcast, we did a deep dive into hallway design and function! Tune in to the episode to hear about essential elements, opportunities for design, tricks, and more inspirations. For the visuals, check out some of the hallway ideas we talked about below!

Ashley’s hallway makeover that includes DIY photo mats with a travel gallery...

My hallway at our last house & cute $20 lights... (you should see the "before"!! In that post too)

Our Fifth House - How to utilize a hallway desk area...

Young House Love’s Faux Moulding Tutorial...

Room For Tuesday’s color-blocked hallway DIY project...

Awesome chair rail hallway inspiration...

And Miranda’s cactus wallpaper in her hallway!

I've been uninspired for our large downstairs hallway because it's so dark, but the other morning I noticed the light coming in from the living room was actually pretty good. (Candid photo, ignore the laundry basket.) Here it is--it's partially painted (we still need to finish edging and some touch-ups), missing switchplates, and ugh, that 90's light fixture... I'm not sure what to replace it with yet!

Listen to the episode here or in your fave podcast player!

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