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New favorite place for budget-friendly online home decor shopping--and my picks

Update: You can also see all my current TJ Maxx faves here!

I have been online shopping long enough to know the difference between what you can find on the web (and what deals) versus in-store. And there are SO many good options online now for all kinds of things, but it's just not the same as walking into a beautifully curated store!

Some relatively recent news in online home decor shopping is there is now a great shopping experience online that used to be in-store. I am sharing some favorites, plus what I ordered, recently below!

(Did you know I also have online shopping guides for my Target home faves and my World Market faves?? Plus home decor faves under $100! I will keep updating those pages!)

So the news...

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You probably know that HomeGoods is a very fun place to spend an afternoon. Lots of different decor styles, lots of unique pieces, even hard-to-find things that are practical but still exciting (like my paper towel holder that hooks over the cabinet door toward the inside so the paper towels are hidden!)... all affordable, too. But, you can't shop HomeGoods online.

You CAN, now, as of recently, shop TJ Maxx online! It's the same company so you'll find the same variety and quality pieces, though a slightly smaller selection of home stuff specifically because they also have clothing and other departments.

One downside is their filters/categories are not great, but no worries for you because I have been really having fun flipping through alllll the pages of home stuff to see what's good! I've assembled all my favorites here, but you can also see a few of the things I just ordered!

First, this pillow. I decided it is high time for new couch pillows--I would like a new sofa soon, but we don't know what we want yet and in the meantime, I can get a fresher look with some accents! So this is the first part in that new collection. I think I am going for more muted than the bold black/whites we have.

This pillow has a zipper so you can change out the insert. Also that soft outer fabric is lined with a white woven liner. Nice quality for $16.99!!

That floor cushion is from HomeGoods in person but I did find this cute one online! It's actually hard to find floor cushions.

Greatest find I've seen on TJ Maxx online: storage baskets!! They have SO many and great prices! This one is huge (it's even called "medium," they have one larger) and was on clearance for $15 (still in stock). It's sturdy and great as a plant pot cover or storage bin!

I also haven't bought a vase in... years? I like this stoneware look one ($7!), and I also ordered these stoneware bowls! Going for a more textural, earthy look in the kitchen - not all crisp plain white like I've been doing.

They also have a ton of cute baby/kid home stuff, and LAMPS. So many good lamps. I might get some for our bedroom refresh.

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See all my faves from TJ Maxx right here!

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