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Trend I'm into: Drapey menswear-inspired tops (nursing-friendly!)

Since I haven't been sewing recently, it's been a while since I played with new trends--though summer is my favorite time to do that. However since I also haven't really bought myself clothes since last year pre-pregnancy, and my body and how I use it are a little different now, I need some new things. And this trend I'm into right now is breastfeeding-friendly, perfect!

Sharing my faves and the ones I'm wearing these days!

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I've noticed a lot of button-down woven tops, many in my fave colors (white, blue, grey, and olive), cute with shorts, high-waisted jeans, even skirts.

This is very handy for when I leave the house with Otto and want to be able to breastfeed! Button-down but also cute! (At home I just wear these bra tanks but when I go out, I do wear real clothes, I swear.)

I got this cute knit-back tie-front shirt and it's super soft and comfy. It also comes in pale blue or charcoal almost-black, I had a hard time deciding.

Plus, these shorts are the perfect length and are stretchy and flattering.

A little more structured, I also got this shirt. It has some of the modern, neutrals-only, sort of hipster look but also could have a vintage vibe with the right pieces.

Oh, and this is my diaper bag, which I get compliments on all the time!

It's actually kind of a big deal for me to recognize that I need some new clothes, and buy myself TWO new trendy things at once. #treatyoself moment over here. Now I can go out and look cute and be functional.

Shop all these cute tops here!

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