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All about rugs!!! Rug size by room, prices, sources, and more!

Ohhh, I love rugs. I have spent hours, HOURS perusing sources for new and vintage ones and am still not bored of it. I love learning what rug sizes work in what rooms, where to position them with common furniture pieces, etc. so I know what I'm buying will work!

We cover SO much good rug ground (pun? No) in Episode 17 of the Your Home Story podcast,
My most special rug, a vintage one I got on Craigslist

This episode is packed with tips on rug placement, rug sizing, what types of rugs work best within specific types of rooms, how to clean rugs, and more.

Ashley has posts on where to find affordable vintage rugs, how to search for cheap vintage rugs online, and how to clean vintage rugs.

Pictures and diagrams can be sol helpful to show you what size rug you need. Here's a post on how to figure out what size rug to buy and here's another to choose the right rug for your space. (But we suggest ignoring the tips on 5'x8' ones--tune in to the episode to hear why!)

Oh, and here's my fave very affordable Target rug that I have in two colors.
This rug is the greatest! And so affordable!

Listen here or in your podcast player!

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