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MUCH-needed babymoon in Pacific City - Inn at Cape Kiwanda, Hart's Camp, and Headlands Lodge

It's been way too long since we had a weekend away! We used to do it regularly and I would often share photos and how rejuvenating it is to take some time off. One of my goals for myself is de-stressing and I try to share that on this blog... but it's been too long since I walked the walk!

We spent last weekend on a short babymoon in Pacific City, Oregon, one of our new favorite spots on the coast. We checked out some very cool lodging options right by Cape Kiwanda and the beach itself, had a quiet coffee shop morning like we love to do on trips, sampled Pelican Brewing specialties (well, Jason did), and had both sun and cold rain, classic Oregon coast! Oh, and had a great maternity photo shoot on top of the dune!

We stayed at the Inn at Cape Kiwanda, which is right across a quiet street from a fantastic beach and Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area. The whole area right around the Cape has this super chill, quiet resort town vibe. There are a few shops and lodging options, Pelican Brewing, and of course the beach and cape! It feels like island time right around there, not too touristy, not too many things to do - you just have to kick back and relax!

Thanks to the Inn at Cape Kiwanda for providing our room for our stay!

Our room had a great view of the beach (all of the rooms have ocean views) and even from the lobby we had fun checking out the haystack rock and beach from the binoculars! Cool touch.

Every Friday and Saturday from 5:30-6:30 there's a reception in the lobby and they serve Pelican Brewing beer, local wines, and more. Great atmosphere too!

Our room had a biiiiig whirlpool tub which this 36.5-week pregnant lady really enjoyed. Plus a comfy king-sized bed and fireplace! And huge deck facing the water.

These photos from Saturday versus Sunday weather are so funny. Saturday, rainy, cold, very cloudy... beautiful, but you'll just have to compare to the color in the Sunday photos at the end!!

This is the Cape Kiwanda State Natural Area, and haystack rock to the left, just right across from the Inn.

We also toured Hart's Camp, an Airstream trailer hotel located right behind the Inn at Cape Kiwanda (and owned by the same family). A recent project, they've restored a couple of Airstreams and purchased some new ones, and you can rent one or more out for a very fun and unique stay!!

They are all equipped with tiny kitchens, bathrooms, and storage, but each unit also  has a great outdoor area including huge grill, firepit and fire wood, seating, and outdoor shower!

And if you rent a couple next to each other you can open up the fences between them and have a family outdoor party, would be so fun for a reunion or something.

This was one of the 1970's ones, restored but so much of the original character preserved. How fun!!

Also right in the area is Headlands Lodge, a gorgeous new property that just opened in early 2018. Also owned by the same family as the first two, this place is so special and unique to the Oregon coast - the kind of luxury hotel you'd expect in wine country or Central Oregon maybe, but tailored to the coast vibe and done so well!

I couldn't capture every single cool architectural and decor detail, but here are seriously just a tiny sample. Their restaurant is open to the lobby and features some beautiful wood, flooring, napkins, furniture...

Oh, and we saw a whale looking out these windows!

The rooms are also beautiful, also each with their own deck and ocean view, and check out that amazing deep tub! And glass wall to the shower, I was just hearing about that trend recently.

There is also a beautiful spa and fitness center on the ground floor, and a hot tub. I loooove when coast hotels have nice pools (cause sometimes you just really want to wear a swimsuit, even if it's too cold in the ocean which it almost always is).

Speaking of weather... compare those earlier photos to these, less than 24 hours later. Sunday was beautiful and 60+ degrees! So cool to have that weather for our maternity shoot, can't wait to share those photos soon.

We explored tidepools at low tide on those big, flat rocks, and looked at caves and sea creatures and of course the beautiful cliffs. So fun to just walk around in this unique kind of nature.

We came back feeling restored and ready for our week. Great reminder that it is SO special and important for us to take this time away every once in a while, and it's really been too long. This was our last trip just the two of us, for a while anyway, but we look forward to doing it again with a baby/toddler coming along!

Thanks again to the Inn at Cape Kiwanda for providing our room! 

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