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How to be content with your home when you can't change it

This topic is close to my heart. Right now, as we hunt and wait for our next house, and in the past as I've felt stuck in my home or apartment just wishing for a better space to make my own. It is so easy to look at peers and Instagram accounts and want to have more, do more, make more... but when would we ever be satisfied??

In episode 14 of the Your Home Story podcast, Ashley and I share practical tips for how to be content with your space, no matter how big or decorated, even while being inundated with beautiful spaces, amazing renovations, and more.

Reminds me of our dining room in our last house - we didn't do anything dramatic to it (I had wanted to take out that wall left of the buffet), we just did new paint, flooring, lighting, and blinds/curtains, and I wanted a new dining table but we stuck with the one we had, and thrifted end chairs... (these pics are from before we had the baseboards up!)

But we had some great times with friends at dinner parties there, and it was the perfect place to hang some very cool art Jason's grandpa did.

That reminds me - I've shared 12 ways to love your home (almost) exactly how it is in the past. When I was so anxious to find another home and do new projects. And more recently, I shared how to redecorate with pieces you already own. Here's a more dramatic solution - slipcover an old sofa!

There are so many things you can do without spending any (or much) money on your home to feel more grateful for it and be happier in it. You deserve that!!

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