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Listener questions!

First, thank you all SO much for following along and checking out the Your Home Story podcast. Ashley and I are really enjoying making it and love hearing from listeners on Instagram (see our account here), our Facebook page, and iTunes reviews. And, we've been collecting listener questions and just released our first Q&A episode this week! You can download episode 12 now, and see a preview here!

I love getting these questions from listeners cause it focuses us on other DIY/home decor/design questions than we have in our own homes and connects us with other people doing the same kind of thing! Some questions we covered this time...
  1. How to budget for a remodel. benefit vs. value/equity gained, how you’ve chosen to allocate money, pitfalls and surprise expenses, etc. (Also see my post on this here)
  2. Beautiful and practical ideas for outdoor living spaces
  3. Top tips or mistakes to avoid when starting a home blog (one of them is Blogtalk 2.0)
  4. What to do with decor pieces that are gifted to you that are not your style
  5. Where to start decorating a whole home that doesn’t fit your style
  6. Tips on arranging furniture in awkward spaces, like living room and bedroom
  7. When making mood boards, how to lay out measurements of the room and scale the furniture/decor pieces
The question about "awkward spaces" is so interesting to me right now, as we house-hunt and have seen a lot of funky or small rooms. Or difficult window placement. Inspiration: this room by Keely Mann!

The budget question is what inspired me to write this post--3 ways we budget for home projects!

I also love the mood board question. You can see my mood boards here!

Listen to the episode here or in iTunes. And if you have questions of your own, please send them to us--on Instagram, Facebook page, or email!

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