Hello! I'm Suzannah, a serious DIYer. Follow along with my DIY fixer upper house renovations, sewing and crafty projects, real food recipes, and de-stressing goals. I'm a recovering former vegan and vegetarian, now healing with a nutrient-dense mostly Paleo diet, and love at-home CrossFit and yoga workouts. I'm also the author of DIY Wardrobe Makeovers!

New mom to baby Otto born April 2018!


DIY upholstered & slipcovered bed tutorial

It's here!! Back when I revealed our master bedroom project I did for the One Room Challenge I said I would share a full tutorial for how we made our slipcovered platform bed. That means plywood dimension options, staple gun tips, and of course sewing the headboard cover and bedskirt! Well, here it is--it's all in this post!

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Remember how I started a podcast?! Best of 2018, goals for 2018: podcast, blog, and personal

I kind of can't believe I started a podcast a year ago!! With the help of my awesome co-host Ashley we've published 50 episodes this year--one a week except Thanksgiving week and the rest of December. Read on to see a brief summary of the tons of home topics we've covered, and what we're planning for 2019!

You can see all our episodes here, and read some high points of what we've done and talked about below.

We also shared our personal and individual blog goals for 2019 in this episode--so you can get a sneak preview of what's to come for the Stanley Tudor Revived this year. (I can't wait!!!!)
Little snippet of our Instagram account--shouting out listeners and
examples of what we share in the episodes

2018 recap (podcast and our blogs):

  1. We had so many ideas and still do! Talking about visual topics over audio is possible!
  2. Our podcast Facebook group has some great projects
  3. Interviewed some inspirational DIY and decor voices
  4. Ashley did a big master bedroom update
  5. Ashley finally finished the baseboards in her living room after 2 years! And made more living room progress
  6. Ashley loves her new sunroom decor
  7. I moved three times and had a baby since this time one year ago!
  8. I had some serious house-hunting challenges but successfully bought the 1930’s fixer upper in July
  9. I am now feeling buried in projects and to-dos… but got a lot of painting done and have been trying out decor, layout, and lighting
  10. redid my master bedroom for the One Room Challenge this fall. One room DONE!
  11. I hired out landscape demo for starters on some of the more major projects at the new house.

What to expect in 2019 (podcast and our blogs):

  1. Interviews with professionals on topics like landscaping, organizing, and more
  2. Hashtag #shareyourhomestories, want to keep seeing your projects and shouting you guys out
  3. Weekend or 1-month challenges in our Facebook group
  4. Ashley will finish her powder bathroom makeover in January
  5. Ashley will have hardwood flooring installed throughout the rest of her main floor
  6. Ashley will be making major progress on her basement reno
  7. I am planning a kitchen reno!
  8. I will be making some big changes in our living room (including replacing the popular green sofa)
  9. I will definitely do another One Room Challenge or two

We would love to hear what you guys are loving about the podcast and what you want to hear more of in 2019. Share on our Facebook group page, DM us on Instagram, or send us an email at Thank you SO MUCH for listening!!!

Listen here or in your mobile device's podcast player!
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Q&A: Clutter, pets, cords, painting over wallpaper, & more

We've been getting some awesome questions lately for the Your Home Story podcast Q&A episodes, so this is a good one! We cover how to hide media cords (Ashley is super pro at this), how to handle paper clutter, good resources for plant care, how to live with pets and not have unattractive pet stuff all around, the right way to paint over wallpaper (like we had to do in this house!!). There are a LOT of good tips in this episode!

Some links you may want to check out as you listen:
  1. (affiliate link) Stretchy food storage lids I have been using
  2. Ashley’s awesome post on cord control
  3. How to run cables inside a wall
  4. Gardening Know How resource
  5. The cute pet bed on bookshelf that stuck with me
  6. Laundry room goals: built-in dog crate
  7. DIY pet Murphy bed
  8. Ashley’s cat door DIY
  9. Litter box in a vintage trunk
  10. Painting over wallpaper steps (that were instructed to do by multiple painters and a drywall guy!)

Seriously, Ashley's cord-hiding projects are amazing. She has a ton of resources and techniques in this post, plus the ultimate solution of going inside the wall (20-minute easy DIY project!) here.

And def check out those pet stuff inspirations linked above. Here's that DIY pet Murphy bed! So cute!

Listen to the whole episode here or in your podcast player!
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Holiday gift guide for the home! The essentials + new ideas

I am only doing one gift guide this year so it's full of my most favorite gifts for the home - for homebodies, friends with a new house or apartment, home cooks, or yourself!

This post contains affiliate links.

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Behind-the-scenes of making over a room in 6 weeks. Budget, decision-making, and more!

I am dishing on the process, budget, challenges, and more of my One Room Challenge master bedroom makeover!

We are talking in-depth about how I made over our master bedroom in 6 weeks on this week's episode of the Your Home Story podcast! Anything you wish you'd known behind-the-scenes after seeing the posts and reveal? Or just want to know more about how to decorate a room from scratch??

I decorated this room participating in the fall 2018 One Room Challenge, but have been thinking about it a long time. It feels so good to have this room DONE (first room in the new house!), and it was definitely a learning experience! In the episode I share what I learned doing a room (on a budget) in such a short period of time, plus tips for decorating around queen and king beds and other bedroom design challenges.

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My Black Friday weekend shopping strategy (and favorite sale items!)

Love/hate Black Friday, anyone??! I don't have tons of time to spend chasing deals, but I do tend to save up shopping during fall waiting for some sales around Thanksgiving. Plus, every year I dream of being done with the Christmas shopping early! So I am doing a little Black Friday shopping this year and sharing my method (and favorite sales) with you!

Nowadays, Black Friday starts even before Thanksgiving. I know that doesn't make sense, but you'll see "Black Friday deals start now!" on tons of websites.

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