Master bathroom reno progress!! Starting with demo


#DemoDay!! Everyone loves a good demo, right?! My dad, Jason, and I have been working hard on our master bathroom remodel and have gotten through the first phase already!

I shared our bathroom inspirations in this post so you can see the look we're going for! This makeover is definitely more work than our guest bathroom and powder room renos of last month. This room also has the only wall we're planning on removing in this stage of our fixer upper remodel.

Note: I'm working with Progressive on our master bathroom reno, one of their “fresh start” stories. Progressive is sharing the message that they understand the needs and the unique life stage of new homeowners like myself and lots of people I know, buying first or second houses and going through big life changes. Renovating a master bathroom is a big project and big improvement to our home's value!


First, my dad and I tore apart the wall separating the toilet and shower room from the vanity room. I actually got to hammer apart drywall like Chip does, and chunk big pieces of wall off! It's dusty work!

Budget and sources: $905 complete guest bathroom makeover!


I shared our powder room makeover with budget and sources yesterday--this one is even more of a transformation!! We made over our guest bathroom with new toilet, tile, vanity, lighting, and more and it turned out so fabulous. The budget was tight on this one, too, read on for more!

(See the video I just made about this bathroom reno here.)

We didn't touch the existing shower/tub unit, which unfortunately is ivory--I've heard you can do a DIY resurfacing with some crazy chemical stuff, might look into that sometime, but for now we just covered it with a white waffle shower curtain and it totally works.

I did this IKEA hack for the vanity and it looks just like I'd hoped. I love ALL of the fixtures we did with it, too!

Budget and sources: $391 complete powder room makeover!


We've done so many projects over at the "Stanley 90's reno" since last October, but most of them are throughout the whole house like flooring and wall repair... and we did almost nothing to the 2.5 extremely dated, deteriorating bathrooms until we were ready for the full guts. Yet we use them every day!! So redoing this powder room makeover, our main floor bathroom, really makes the reno start to feel more complete.

(See the video I just made about this bathroom reno here.)

We didn't have a ton of budget for this bathroom, doing it at the same time as the guest bathroom, but we did a COMPLETE transformation/makeover including toilet and tile for $391! Read on for sources and the breakdown...

Our master bath reno begins!!!! Two competing design inspirations


After our successful smaller bathroom renos last month, we've been feeling energized to tackle our master bathroom reno this month! It will be a bigger project, and there are a lot more design decisions to make. We spent 5-6 hours over the past week and weekend (Jason spent about 3, bless him) looking over design inspirations and products, after considering our vanity and plumbing options prior. We are torn but think we have a direction! We put a lot of time into some mood boards that were very helpful, and I've shared them with you below!

We'll be removing a wall in our bathroom between the toilet and vanity, and will have space for a 72" vanity. I'd love to have a lot of counter space and only one sink, but there are almost no one-sink vanities that size on the market. So I've been planning to need something custom. Oh, by the way, here's the "before."

ONE cooking method that's changed our weeknights! & book review


We have had a really busy past couple of months, with most weeks either or both of us having activities almost every weeknight. It's exhausting for this introvert. And, it means there's way less time for cooking dinner, packing leftovers for lunches, and having a peaceful dinner at home.

A few months ago I flipped open a cookbook that has reenergized me for all of the cooking and food prep we do each week. I have a new favorite method I wanted to share with you!!

I've followed Cassy Joy of Fed + Fit for a while now, and heard about her new cookbook/28-day lifestyle/food/fitness manual on podcast interviews. It sounded like a comprehensive resource for people interested in making health changes, and was all infused with Cassy's cheerful, positive personality. But we've been doing the "real food"/mostly Paleo lifestyle for almost 4.5 years now, and I don't use cookbooks or recipes most of the time.

But then I saw the book at a bookstore and flipped through, and immediately felt inspired by several of the recipes. Then I had a chance to get a review copy of it, and jumped on it!

The book (Fed + Fit: A 28 Day Food & Fitness Plan to Jump-Start Your Life with Over 175 Squeaky-Clean Paleo Recipes) has a ton of squeaky clean, super healthy, incredibly photographed, delicious-sounding recipes and we've tried a few of them already. (My favorite discovery from this book is the homemade buffalo sauce!! I had never had "buffalo" flavored anything until this year, really... my 13 years of vegetarianism didn't expose me to buffalo chicken or anything else, I guess. The buffalo sauce recipe is SO DANG GOOD I could put it on anything!)

There's a chapter in the book called "Casserole is my favorite food." I also hadn't made many casseroles in my life until recent years. But Cassy's Buffalo Chicken Casserole sounded so good, I tried it one week.

Wow. Not only was it delicious, I discovered that when we had a casserole made up in the fridge, we had at least one super easy weeknight dinner ready when I got home! A lot of her casseroles require cooking before assembly and then baking for 30 minutes or so before serving. I discovered if I added a casserole to my Sunday morning food prep, all I would have to do on Monday night to make dinner was turn on the oven and pop it in!

VIDEO: Two bathroom renos in 4.5 days! We are so proud of these makeovers!


If you've been following along recently, you probably saw some of our bathroom progress on our powder room and guest bathroom makeovers. New flooring, new sinks/vanity, new lighting, new toilets, baseboards, everything! We had never done a project that big before (or two at once...) so definitely wanted to document it on video.

I put together this video about how we made over both bathrooms in 4.5 days (over 2-3 weekends) and man, watching this sure takes me back!! So much work, but we are SO happy with the products!

Here are a couple before/afters for you... but you've really got to see the video! Team effort of me, my husband, my brother-in-law, and both my parents at different times. And it really was more efficient to do two at once--though it was exhausting.
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