We've come so far! #stanley90sreno "before" pictures


It's been more than 6 months since we bought our fixer upper house, and while we still have lots of ideas and projects to do, we've come SO far in making it functional, livable, even beautiful. I shared the  "before" video tour here, but I realized I haven't shared photos of the house yet and as we make over each of the rooms, it would be great to have them up to compare!

It was really fun to write this post and guide you through a photo tour of the crazy "before" of our house!!


Here's the living room. Reeeally tall vaulted ceiling, big window facing the street.

Two bathrooms in two weekends: Part 2! #stanley90sreno week 28


I considered calling this post "Two bathrooms in two weekends: What not to do."

As I shared last week, we're redoing both of our secondary bathrooms this month and had a pretty intense construction schedule! We did a TON of work last weekend and were exhausted but got basically everything on the list done and were feeling super productive and effective.

Stuff started arriving in the mail and we were feeling pretty ready to get things installed!

Straight herringbone tile backsplash tutorial


I learned SO much installing this tile!

I've done tiling several times before but never like this! With my mom's help and two weekends of work, I installed about 60 SF of backsplash/wall in our kitchen with affordable white 3"x6" subway tiles, installed in a "straight herringbone" pattern. You can learn from our struggles in this tutorial!

Brass-free fireplace and two bathrooms in two weekends: part 1! #stanley90sreno


We are feeling proud and excited, but seriously tired! We got so dang much done over the past two and a half days and the bathrooms are looking great!!

Oh, also, we had our fireplace and chimney cleaned last week and the cleaners removed the doors for me--WOW, does it look better. (Here's the before tour.) Still not sure what we'll do with the brick, maybe add a mantel, need to add some art... but for now it's a much nicer room! We even had a fire in the fireplace Sunday night.

IKEA hack modern bathroom inspiration--guest bathroom


I've mentioned lately that we're planning two bathroom renos in April. (!!!) We recently put together a construction schedule and of course I have a budget spreadsheet, but I've only recently totally decided on the look for our guest bath upstairs and our downstairs powder room.

I shared some bathroom inspirations for our guest bath in this post, but due to budget and time considerations we decided not to go with a natural wood antique or vintage dresser look in the bathroom.

Around the time of that decision I saw this bathroom--two IKEA Hemnes bathroom vanities with non-IKEA faucets and the handles replaced with classy soft metal ones. What a difference! I've looked at the white Hemnes vanity before but I don't love how commonly it's used and it always has the same stocky black round handles, so far apart. This handle treatment is genius! (And I found that cool hexagon towel ring here for only $14!)

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