Ultimate simple real food, unprocessed protein shake recipe!


I've played around a lot in the past few years with where I get my macronutrients, and how much... and I've learned that it's sometimes hard for both husband and me to get enough protein! We've tried several brands of protein shakes in the past, but I haven't felt great about buying any of them regularly (due to quality concerns, flavor/sweeteners, price, sourcing...). I've also made a simple homemade stick blender protein shake and protein tea with grassfed collagen peptides, but the other weekend we were at a friend's house and started talking about the 5-lb bag of grassfed unflavored whey in their cupboard. Our friend has been making 1-2 homemade protein shakes in the blender every day since he recently really increased his activity level, and he throws just about everything into them! Milk, cocoa powdermaca powderMCT oil, a banana or other fruit... he's not as concerned about flavor as getting nutrients in, but I bet sometimes they do taste really good.

It got me inspired and thinking, I really ought to perfect my basic homemade protein shake. I've made several of these now using my fave ingredients, and you can substitute a lot of other flavors and ingredients based on what you're in the mood for.

This shake works with collagen peptides protein powder or unflavored whey protein so you can make it completely dairy-free/paleo-friendly or lactose-free, if you can tolerate whey.

The perfect simple knit maxi dress and #OOTD book review


There's a new garment sewing book out from the publisher of my book, C&T Publishing. #OOTD (Outfit of the Day) Sew & Style: Make Your Dream Wardrobe with Angela is a fantastic overview book about sewing, fabric, and design with handful of basic, customize-able patterns included. Having just spent some time sewing with less-experienced friends, I could immediately tell flipping through this book that this content is needed and valuable for anyone looking to learn to sew!

I tried out the basic skater dress bodice pattern and made a few modifications, like Angela suggests! Each of the styles can be modified with her instructions and the techniques explained earlier in the book.

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Piña colada panna cotta with coconut milk - dairy free, Paleo, real food


I love panna cotta. So simple, so light and tasty, so special-feeling!, and I make it with coconut milk and natural sweeteners so it's not even unhealthy. (You can see my berry lemon panna cotta here and basic panna cotta with candied ginger here.) So when our friends had us over for a Mexican-themed grill night and asked me to bring dessert, my mind went to panna cotta and I wanted to give it a special, tropical spin!

This recipe works so perfectly with coconut milk because of the piña colada inspiration/flavor. It's a great dairy-free, naturally sweetened dessert option and is so pretty and festive!

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Buffalo check everything! Like this black and white sundress


Possibly my new favorite dress!

Checker print is around quite a lot this spring/early summer and I love it in blue/white, pale pink/white, and like this dress!, the always-interesting contrasty black/white! I've seen a couple black/white check print dresses and tops this season, as well as lots of ruffles, and I made up this combo using a super simple sundress pattern which I also heavily modified.

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DIY leather ottoman makeover & tutorial


I've done a few leather projects before, but I'm sometimes a little intimidated and it feels like a big commitment to do a project with a big piece of leather! I've been really loving medium tan slightly distressed leather lately, though, particularly for smaller accent pieces like ottomans. Leather Hide Store has tons and tons of leather pieces and colors and sent me some gorgeous tan leather for this project!

The color I got has a very slightly weathered, vintage-ey look which was perfect for what I wanted. If you want to work with leather, definitely visit Leather Hide Store - they have all kinds of textures and colors, plus remnants, closeouts, and a leather-buying guide.

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