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Front entry update: wallpaper!!!

Woohoo!! Did a simple project this weekend and our front door entry vestibule got a great update!! I haven't used wallpaper in a couple years 3.5 years now but I'm drawn to it more and more these days. It can be funky/boho, midcentury modern-ey, or (my current fave) traditional. I balance traditional with modern in our historic home and I chose a pattern that's contemporary but kind of has an art deco vibe that even mimics the original light fixture we have hanging in that space!

Thanks to Tempaper for partnering with me on this project!

It's the first thing you see when you walk in, and it's so fun now!

Here's the "before." A couple imperfectly patched spots from when we moved in and painted everything quickly. That art is sentimental but not the right shape for this tall skinny wall. All the white (Sherwin-Williams Alabaster) walls are a good blank canvas for other things, but a tiny little space like this vestibule just looks unfinished when it's just white! 

The floor is also an issue we haven't tackled yet. Ideally we'd remove that stone-look vinyl that I'm guessing was added in the 80's when some previous owners added carpet throughout the first floor, but at the very least I want to add a wood-look transition to cover the raw edge. Maybe the next time I share this space... just look past it for now. ;)

After!! Lots of corners and trim to work around so even though this space was tiny, it wasn't the easiest to wallpaper. Actually it wouldn't have been that bad if I hadn't been trying to do it while watching one or both children. Took me a full day instead of like 2 hours. Oh, well.

The paper I chose is called Feather Flock (in the Chalk color) and it's from Tempaper's Genevieve Gorder collection. (Remember her from Trading Spaces back in the day?) It's removable, peel-and-stick wallpaper so the only tools I needed were scissors, razor blade, level, and the little felt squeegee from Tempaper for smoothing it out. It was really easy to do just a few minutes of work on this at a time, then watch Otto or feed Lucy, then come back to it. No messy paste or anything to be sitting around or drying out. I've actually only ever installed removable wallpaper. It's pretty forgiving in that you can lift it up and put it back in a slightly different spot easily. There are definitely a few spots that aren't perfect!!, but I don't think they're noticeable to anyone but me!

I'm still thinking about the art to go inside the entry, but here's some context. On the right I have a black/white DIY canvas, on the left a tall mirror above a console table.

I think I want to hang 2-3 pieces of art here, creating a tall/skinny shape. Maybe black frames with white mats? Maybe something with some color? For now I just hung a favorite piece there (it's a digital download vintage painting printed on matboard from Mpix and framed with no glass). 

Oh, and this vintage rug I got at an estate sale years ago is much cuter than the door mat I had there before, though we'll see how long I can handle it there without worrying about mud/cleaning it all the time... I don't know yet. 

I am so happy with this removable wallpaper project and love a lot of the patterns from Tempaper!

Thanks again to Tempaper for partnering with me on this project! Check out all the pretty removable wallpapers they have!

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