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Can't believe-it's-the-third trimester, 30-week pregnancy update

I bet a lot of people feel this way when it happens, but wow, I can't believe I'm in the third trimester already. The second one was pretty uneventful (thankfully) and I only started really seeing the bump at week... 25, maybe? Now I'm getting more pregnancy symptoms and really feeling big and pregnant!

I started wearing my compression socks on the regular maybe a month ago cause I definitely have puffy ankles and spider veins I didn't used to have. I seriously wear these black compression socks almost every day at work. I only have like two pairs of shoes I can wear with them (and my feet are wider so fewer options total). I've given in to the fact that I will have nerdy socks showing under the hems of my pregnancy skinny jeans. It's not great. (However, this would be much more awkward if I was this pregnant in the summer!!)

I've gained 24 pounds. Dunno what else to say about that, really. I'm amazed my body knows how to do this and I guess I've been feeding myself well enough that baby and I are growing like we're supposed to. Miracles!!

Baby is kicking like CRAZY and now Jason can feel them plenty, and even see them sometimes. Sometimes it's not kicking as much as just crazy alien-like bumps and pushing. Mostly in the evening as I'm laying down or reclining, but smaller ones during the day, too. I kind of love it. Baby is keeping me company at work.

I am a little worried about how much bigger my belly is going to get, though!! Already the back pain is sometimes getting to me, particularly in the morning. I have a back brace that my friend who had twins gave me and it's definitely come in handy a few days.

Also the other day I felt so... full, tight, bloated, stretched... by the end of the day. So uncomfortable. Thankfully that's not every day, but I got a glimpse of the uncomfortable, so-ready-to-have-the-baby feeling I've heard people talk about. Not looking forward to feeling uncomfortable all the time. The midwife did tell me that some days skin/muscles are stretching more than others, and once they stretch to that point it's not uncomfortable for a while, so it makes sense that I feel better now for a while. Phew.

It felt like it took forever for my belly to really be a bump, and now it's so big!
Week 4, week 14, week 21, week 23, week 25, week 28, week 29.5

Starting to get a little worried about diastasis recti and really need to get more knowledgeable about how I should be modifying my workouts. I have some good resources, just haven't dug into them, and have been modifying for what feels good... need to spend some more time on that.

I read a third trimester "checklist" the other day that made me feel bad cause I haven't done any of the things on it. We don't have house or apartment still so no nursery yet. No shower yet so I can't write thank-yous or buy the final things I need. Feeling a little lost. I shared about it on IG stories and you all made me feel much better. Maybe those checklists are BS. ;)

We are working on the house thing! Fingers still crossed. Would love to be moved into a house of our own by April, but if not, we'll be in a charming 1-bedroom apartment 1.5 blocks from my parents.

The GREAT news is that my midwife appointments keep going well and everything is going as it's supposed to. Feels good to focus on that--the most important thing is baby and I are healthy! So grateful. Blood pressure continues to be good, passed my glucose test, belly is measuring as it should, baby is even head-down already though they still expect more movement over the next 8-12 weeks.

Thankful, thankful, thankful, and starting to get so excited for what's next!!!

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