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Create/Enjoy BIG goals for 2018! And an announcement or two

It's that time of year! Reflecting back on the old, and looking forward to the new. In this post I shared top projects we did in 2017; today not only am I sharing what you should expect to hear about on this blog in 2018, I have a BIG announcement/new project to share with you! Actually sort of two!

What to expect on Create/Enjoy in 2018

1. Baby

Baby Stanley is due April 18, 2018. You can follow along with baby posts so far here and pregnancy posts here. So far you guys have loved reading our updates along the way and I'm so touched! Thank you! This has been a goal of ours for a long, long time now and it's been so crazy now that it's happening.

Looking forward to learning and sharing more as we go, and of course, following item 3 on this list, creating a nursery!

2. Podcast

I am so excited to announce this!!! For the past month or so I've been working behind the scenes with Ashley from Bigger than the Three of Us on our very own PODCAST!! I'm a big podcast listener myself and have recently gotten into DIY and home decor-related ones (as I shared here) but felt like there just aren't quite enough voices out there representing all the creativity and talent in the DIY/home/etc. blog world, on podcasts. Ashley is super skilled at DIY and design (she has been working on her 3,800+ SF house for a few years!! Check out her kitchen update!) and co-runs the hashtag #currenthomeview on Instagram. We are so pumped to be able to share more, in more depth, and more interactively, in this podcast!

We are officially launching our podcast, Your Home Story, on January 9, 2018--that's next Tuesday but UPDATE--you can get in early and check it out on iTunes and your favorite podcast app already!. We'll start out with three episodes and then go up every Tuesday one per week. We already have topics planned like:

  1. All about painting cabinets 
  2. How to Identify Your Home Style 
  3. You've Curated Your Home Style--Now What? 
  4. Design/Plan/Make: Dining Spaces 
  5. Flooring - DIY/Hire Hardwoods/Engineered Tile 
  6. Decorating for how we live in a space versus how we want the space to look 
  7. How much consistency throughout home e.g. lighting, curtain rods, flooring 
  8. Gallery Walls 
  9. Why we don't just keep making things/why DIY isn't always the right way 
  10. How to Be Content with What you Have When You Have It

And LOTS more!!

I will keep you updated--subscribe by email to get the post in your inbox when we officially launch and to see show notes for the first episodes (sign up in the black bar on my home page or to the right of this post)--and I would LOVE if you would give it a listen and let me know what you think!

3. New house

As I shared here, we've been trying to buy a wonderful older home in my parents' neighborhood and have been talking to the seller for months now. He's slowly cleaning it out and we made him an offer, but are waiting on him to decide (and we do have some competition, all word of mouth). So all our fingers and toes are crossed right now that that one will work out.

If it does, we'll have a KITCHEN to redo (new cabinets this time! A full kitchen reno), and eventually two bathrooms, plus lots of decorating and landscaping.

If it doesn't work out, we still very much hope to buy another house and be moved in by the time baby comes in April. There's not a lot listed in the neighborhood we're looking in, so we'll see. We may be feeling pretty desperate sometime soon.

Trying to stay positive... here's some old house inspiration for you.

4. Design services for others

Another sort of announcement! I have yet to publish details, but you may have noticed I've done a few mood boards for friends lately... they've been my guinea pigs (and I love helping). In 2018, I will launch personal shopping and interiors consulting services! I'm not a professional interior designer and I don't work with a stamping architect or create floor plans, but my prices will reflect that and I am most certainly experienced with updating rooms and spaces on a budget and at various levels of DIY.

Here's one of those mood boards I love creating--this is one I did for our master bathroom, which turned out like this!

Contact me if you have a project you need help with! I love doing more design than I can fit in my own home!

Here's to 2018, and I hope you'll join me with these exciting new endeavors!

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