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Dream bathroom reno: big grey hex tile, modern fixtures, and tile--two budgets!

Making over our entire house in 11 months has taught us a lot. One thing I've learned is how to put together a room, with visioning and budgeting, to get the look I'm after! It can take HOURS and hours (like going over our master bathroom choices did), but it can be really fun, too. And it's a skill I am happy to share with others and friends as they do house projects, too!

One of my friends found a bathroom on Instagram that she LOVED for her c. 1960 ranch with its current pink sink, cabinet, and tub. I told her I could help her recreate it! I put together two options, budget-friendly and moderate, and found lots of choices! I'm curious to know which ones you like best, too!

Here's the bathroom. It's by Daleet Spector Design and features this Cedar & Moss sconce and what I assume is a custom vanity painted Benjamin Moore Duxbury Gray, HC-163. The tile is from Mission Tile West and while I haven't found pricing for this one, I'm betting it's pretty pricy since it is hand-made.

The wall-mounted faucets are also usually pretty expensive, like $500, and my friends didn't want to change the plumbing and do wall-mounted. They also only have room for one sink. But, with a few differences, I assured them we definitely could recreate this bathroom for their space!

Grey hex tile dream bathroom: Budget version

Here's the budget option. There are a lot of very cool sconces out there that are super affordable so I included a few choices.

The subway tile for the backsplash/wall is from Home Depot and is what we used in our kitchen straight herringbone tile project. It's dirt cheap and it gets the job done!!

The floor tiles are also Home Depot--black or pale grey.

The vanity is hard to emulate, but IKEA does have this very affordable one with the modern flat front like the original.

All in all I think there are some really good pieces in the budget-friendly option, but I'm not in love with the vanity/floor tile combo.

Grey hex tile dream bathroom: More expensive

Here's the slightly closer, slightly more expensive option. Again that vanity is hard to get a similar look to, that flat front is not common in pre-made vanities except the IKEA glossy ones, but this one comes close and is attractive in its own way, and has that great marble top.

I think this 2"x4" subway tile would look great in a small space like this bathroom, PLUS it comes on 12" sheets so it's much faster to install than individual pieces!! Big plus. But, the shipping on this and the floor tile is really high so it's a bit more risk. (Though, there's also this Home Depot small subway tile option with free shipping--may or may not be cheaper depending on amount.)

I LOVE that this vanity would work with these cute hex knobs instead of the pulls it comes with! I betcha those might be the exact same ones as in the inspiration.

Other project/budget notes

I threw in some other tips for Gabriela when I put these together:

  • I did not include grout, tile board, tile board screws, tiling tools, etc. I suggest grout at Home Depot which is $16-52 per container depending if you mix it yourself. The pre-mixed is more expensive but doesn't require sealing every few years.
  • I wasn't sure what size mirror would look right so I recommend measuring and taping up a brown paper rectangle or something to get an idea.
  • I think matching grays will be a tricky part of this project. Once you pick the vanity, I recommend you get that in hand first and then hold up floor tile samples. Or just go with something you know is different enough it will look good.
  • The actual sconce in the Instagram inspiration is this one. You can see that it is actually "midnight blue," not black or charcoal gray. That adds a cool element but if you want a more matchy look, you could use one of the cheaper sconces with the closer elements.
  • You will probably need a ceiling light as well, if you don't already have one. The single bulb sconce look is SO much cuter than the suburban 3-light vanity light, but it's hard to get enough light with just the sconce. You could do a plain white LED flush mount in the ceiling.

So what do you think??! What are your favorite elements from all three versions and which expenses would YOU prioritize??

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