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Finally, a simple, sleek ceiling mount curtain rod

We have a pop-out in the front of our living room with a big window that fills the whole wall. It's very visible from the street and I puzzled for a while over what to cover the window with! We did add bamboo blinds on the lower portion, but I'm a blinds + curtains kind of girl. But it turns out it's really, really hard to find easy-to-install-and-use-with regular-curtains rods that mount on the ceiling rather than the wall or window molding.

Also, it's shocking when I can't find what I need on Amazon, but I had to go outside the Amazon box for this order! I'll share what I found with you, and some other options.

See how big that window is?! And there's nowhere to mount a standard curtain rod. I looked and looked and eventually found this one, the PIEDMONT DRAPERY HARDWARE TRACK UNIVERSAL BLACK 66-120IN (only sold on random websites), for about $30. (You can Google those words if that link doesn't work anymore.) I liked that it came with its own curtain clips so would work with standard curtains rather than pinch pleat or hotel-style, and that it was affordable and simple to install. I've never installed a complex track system before so the fact that it just screwed in with brackets was a big selling point.

It also came with this black handle that you can use to pull the curtains open. The reason it's taken me months to share this post with you is I hung a bed sheet up there at first, one solid not-quite-wide-enough extra long sheet that I folded over and clipped, and it looked awful from the street and inside!! I finally bought curtains (these, which I use in almost every room). It's also hard to find curtains that are longer than 84" and aren't more than $100, so I stick with these and hem them!

I can still play with keeping both panels to one side...

Or, I can go for a more traditional curtain look (but block light on both sides of the window) and open them wide.

I love that this rod is adjustable, was easy to install, and doesn't need special curtains to use. And, it's black so it goes with the simple, modern, very affordable curtain rods and curtain clips we have in all the other rooms! Another attractive ceiling-mount option that looks easy to install is this one. A ceiling mount curtain rod or track system also works well on a small wall with a large window, to give the appearance of a full-wall window!

I'm definitely a little embarrassed that it took me almost 10 months to get blinds, rod, and actual curtains up in that front window! But feeling good now!

Shop ceiling- and wall-mount modern curtain rods and the other pieces to get this look here!

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